Tropical Hib slow to bud

geekgranny(NC Tx USA zone8a)July 29, 2005

Howdy all. I have about 30 tropicals (and a bunch of hardy too) ranging from older plants that are about 7ft, pruned heavily around January in greenhouse, down to tiny ones in pint pots. A couple of the very large ones seem to be resistant to forming buds although all seem healthy and happy as far as leaves and growth. Here's some info:

*I purchased them last summer as 7ft adults in pretty large pots. (They weigh over 200 lbs each; I moved them and about 20 more GIANT planters on a dolly by myself this last year to GH and out again this spring. MAJOR workout for granny!!!!) I'm not sure of their age. ***Perhaps they are rootbound??*** but repotting them will be a major problem for me to do now especially and by my self at that.

*These particular two have gorgeouse dark green, very, very shiny leaves with a reddish tint to the soft wood. Last year and this year they were/are in same location with other T-Hibs that bloomed profusely all last year and starting to now; these two formed very few buds this year and last. (They are double, minature, common deep orange/red.)

*Due to having to be out of town in May and June I couldn't get them out of GH until middle to late June. Temps got into 120's many days which seemed to slow bud formation on all Hibs that were in GH. Used misters at night and fans 24/7. All the rest are recovered, setting new buds and/or blooming nicely now.

*The only 7-8 footer Hib that is really "showing off" didn't get pruned until May, was in a separate smaller, taller GH, with lower winter temps, bloomed ALL winter, and was out of GH beginning of May. BUT last year it was the real "show off" too.

*The pots that they are in were orginally with bottom saucers. The bottoms of pots are pretty heavily mineral stained. BUT .. Last year I removed the saucers and frequently ran lots of water through them to try to clear out some of the salts. I do this with all plants all year.

*During winter I fertilized with Osmocote and fish oil. After coming out of GH they've been fertilized once with SuperBloom into pot and twice with SuperBloom folar, once with composted cow manure tea, and just this week top dressing with guano mixed with compost (1 cup guano to 1 cubic yard compost) about 3/4 inch spread on top.

*They don't appear to have any problems with insects.

Surely would appreciate any suggestions ya'll can give.

Thanks, geekgranny

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geekgranny(NC Tx USA zone8a)

Correction--- 1 cup guano to 1 cubic FOOT compost

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