Freezing cooked beetroot to pickle

feijoas(New Zealand)May 28, 2011

It's a bit of a long story, but I'm giving some 'pickling how-tos' in a couple of weeks.

I've just taken posession of much beetroot, that certainly won't last till then.

Has anybody cooked, skinned and frozen whole beetroot, then defrosted, siced and brined?

I haven't frozen beetroot before and my main worry is it collapsing in the brine.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

That would be my concern too since the freezing can break down the cell walls but I have never tried it. Since you have the time why not do a test run with a sample and see what happens.


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Beets keep pretty well in the fridge. Maybe try some this way, too.


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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

They will keep well until your class if you keep them refrigerated. That would be a mess if you freeze them and then try to pickle them.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

I would do as Linda Lou suggested and refrigerate (uncooked). They should keep well for that amount of time.

Select firm fresh beets without soft moist spots. Trim the leaves and stem down to about 2" long. Don't wash the beets. Place in a plastic bag, squeezing out the air. Refrigerate. This way they should last for about 3 weeks.


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laceyvail(6A, WV)

Actually, beets last for months in the fridge. Because of voles, I can no longer store beets and carrots in the ground where they grew so I store my carrots and a few beets in the vegetable drawer of the fridge in the fall. In spring, whatever is left is still in top condition.

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feijoas(New Zealand)

Thanks guys, they're staying in the fridge!

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