Hibiscus food

birdsnbloomsJuly 9, 2007

Does anyone know where I can purchase pelleted Hibicus fertilizer.

I normally order from Plumeria People, but they're not taking any orders now, or StrokesTropicals, but they want a minimum order of 30.00..

So, would anyone happen to know where I can purchase hib food? I prefer the pellets that last 3 months. Just sprinkle and water..Thanks very much, Toni

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Hi Toni,

I am familiar with you from over on Houseplants Forum. You wouldn't know me, because I don't post much.

Anyway, about your question, I use osmocote on my hibiscus. It works great for me and it"s something you wouldn"t have to order. You can buy it at Wal-Mart, Lowes, etc.

You could also Google Tropical Hibiscus for sites that sell the plants. Some sell the hibiscus plant food, but I don't remember if it's pelleted.


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Hi Cyber, Your name sounds familiar or perhaps I'm thinking of someone else..lol..
My Walmarts doesn't sell Osmocote and I don't live anywhere near Lowes. But if I should come across Osmocote, which works best? They make several types..Only once did I see it sold at HD, about 3 yrs ago..they had one for veggies. I think there was another kind but can't recall which one.
I used to kill hibs left and right but since I started using Hib food they lived many years..so I'd really like to find one..I have a little left though so maybe I can get by w/one feeding..I really thought I had an extra containers, which irks me cause I'd have ordered earlier this spring..darn..lol..Okay, thanks Cyber..Take care, Toni

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Hi Toni

Maybe you remember my name from the post I made at Houseplants about the Haw. spiderplant.

I use the osmocote for veg. It's a balanced 14-14-14. At Wal-Mart they had a brand called EXPERT that was pelleted, but I don"t know what the numbers are on that.

Yes, you can probably get by with just one feeding. You are lucky that you have been able to keep your Hibs for many years. I hope I'll be able to overwinter mine succesfuly.

See ya

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Hi Cyber...maybe I remember your name from the HI Spider thread..was it a recent post? Within a month or two?
If so, that's where I saw you..

My Walmart has very little gardening stuff left..they sold most plants/supplies last month..I wish I'd known cause I'd bet everything was on sale..In fact, most gh's in my area have closed their doors...some as early as June..can u believe it?

So, you use Osmocote for veggies on your Hibs? Wow, how long have you been using it? Do they bloom continuously?
I used to kill hibs all the time, that is, until I started using hib food..I think that food is incredible. If you ever buy a container, you'll notice this food is only to be used on hibs..no mention of other plants.

Cyber, will you overwinter indoors? If so, just place in the brightest area available, keep semi cool..a humidifer is useful..I also mist leaves daily. Let soil dry out between waterings..
I also notice since using hib food, and leaving hibs in a sunny window (sunny for IL) they bloom in winter..if I notice flowers, I add half a dose of fertilizer..this keeps them going..though the flowers aren't as large as they are in summer..
Good luck overwintering them..Do you have one or more? Tree or bush? What color flowers? All you can do is try, don't overwater, or leave pot sitting in water, and it/they should do well..Toni

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Hi Toni

Yes, it was a recent post.

I am very surprised that your WM closes shop so early. Don't they bring Fall flowers (mums)?

I have been using osmocote for several years. I am too lazy to fertilize any other way. I use it for everything. ALL my containers, hanging baskets, everything.

This is the first year that I have really gotten into Hibs. I have both bush and tree types. First I couldn't find any at all, then I found TOO Many LOL. I went a little overboard, just had to have them all. I have pretty much all the colors---pinks, reds, oranges, yellows.

There is no way I will be able to overwinter all of them. It will be an experiment, some will be in the house and some in the garage. Thank you for your great advice. I'm even thinking of trying the Hib fert. that you use. Do you have many yourself? Nice talking to you.


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Hi Cyber, please let me reprhase that..my local grocery stores who set up plastic gh's close their doors by June..
Walmartt still has a couple plants on sale, but not many..same w/supplies..in fact, last wkened we went there and I didn't see many house plant supplies at all..all that was left was a few hose, grilliing stuff, grass seeds..that's about it..There were some odds and ends annuals, too..nothing worth buying.
I know what u mean about getting tired of fertilizing w/several types of food..I use about 8 different types..lol..after a while it gets to be a chore instead of fun..
Sounds like u did great this yr finding hibs..all colors, too..lucky..I lost one tree hib last winter..I hope it wasn't the yellow flowered cause I really enjoyed that one..I know what the problem was..I set the growing pot inside an enclosed pot which held water w/o my knowledge..The roots drowed I'm sure..bummer. It then acquired mites..I battled w/those brats a while. (last winter there were major problems at home so I neglected plants which is how I found out water was accumulating in outside container)
Cyber I dont have a big house by no means, but manage fitting all plants inside..LOL..I have, I think 8 or 9 hibs..one is a tree, one a bush, and remainders young, from 6" to 2' tall.
I finally got to setting them outside last wk, but it's going to be a short summer..lol..I'm running late w/plants this yr like u can't believe..oh well, that's the way the ball bounces. LOL..
I guess I'lll have to wait on the fert food..I really do think it works best. I'll use what little I have and go from there, plus add a dose of Superthrive..that should fix them right up..
How many do u have in all? Toni

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Hi Toni

Yes, it is going to be a short summer LOL LOL I've barely gotten all of my plants outside too. Just today, I was thinking that before I know it Ill be bringing them back in. Time goes by so fast. I was also getting discouraged about how I'm going to save the Hibs and everything else---not enough space and I hate the the thought of having to battle bugs.

I've been reading about all the bugs Hibs can get and I really don't want to risk having to put up with that. I don't want the rest of my plants affected. I'm just going to enjoy them while I can. Overwintering them may not be an option afterall. Will have to wait and see.


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Hey Cyber,
Yep, summer is flying by, big time..There are 2 or 3 more plants I'd like to get out, but don't know where to put them..
Cyber, mind if I ask which state you're in? I'm in IL, so you know we have short summers.
Did u get your plants outside? Better get to it girl..LOL
I've got a lot to do, too, but been slacking. This has been one bad yr..
Cyber, don't fret about bugs..LOL..which are you most worried about?
This is what I do..A couple days before bringing plants indoors, I spray foliage w/Fish Emulsion..it works like a charm..prevents scale, and as a last foliar feeding.
Some ppl use Neem Oil..I've never tried it so can't comment, but to be honest, I prefer the FE..1 capful of FE to a 16oz mister of water..spray leaves thoroughly..I also add a couple drops, 2-4, of dish soap, and sometimes add citrus rind and finely chopped garlic..LOL..smells wonderful, u know, but it works great..
To be honest, I'm more concerned w/spiders..not mites, but darn spiders..I detest those critters..yuck..they're supposed to be good as far as keeping plant bugs at bay, but I'd rather do the work myself..lol..
The concoction I make up works in different ways..the FE keeps scale away, soap and other ingredients kill mites. 3 summers ago a hardy Hydrangea had whitefly..I didn't know it at the time..brought plants indoors and what do you think happened..95% of my plants aquired wf..They were everywhere..I ordered yellow sticky traps from gardens alive and I'll tell you, those traps are incredible..since, no more whitefly.
So, what bugs do you fear most?
Don't worry about everything you read..it can drive a person up the wall..LOL..It's just like medications..if u read the side effects, they're worse than the darn illness..lol..
Yes, it's true plants can contract bugs outside..but if one takes precautions, plants will be bug free.
I worry about my gardenias, especially since they're mite magnets..but still, after using my mix, so far so good. I'm not saying my plants never get bugs..
In winter, I keep a humidifer going, mist and hose plants, and spray w/water and soap..so they're pretty much controlled. Last winter there were problems at home, and I neglected plants..it turned into a disaster..lost over 100 plants.
But Cyber, don't worry yet..see what happens..Toni

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Toni, I know you work really hard (such dedication) at taking care of your plants. All the precautions you take before bringing them in for the winter, Bad Me, I don't want to do that.

The bugs I would hate to get are spider mites and mealy bugs. As you know, they are a pain to get rid of. I've had to battle them before and I lost the battle. I won't waste my time any more unless the plant was very expensive or hard to replace. So yes, I will wait and see what happens. That's the whole problem. You never know WHAT life will throw at you next. I just want to keep things uncomplicated. The less plants I have to worry about the better.


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Hi Cyber..yep, I do a lot before bringing plants inside, I don't want those creepers on my plants, eating them up.
How many plants do u have, if u dont mind me asking?
Are all outside? What type do u have? What's your favorite?
I like hibs, gardenias, citrus, and many others..they are a lot of work, I admit, but it's supposed to be fun..LOL..
So, you don't hose before bringing them inside? Wow..
Yep, I HATE mealy the most..Any plant that has mealy goes in the trash. I once bought a baby banana tree, and in mid-winter discovered it mealy infested..I tried treating it but didnt work..so out it went..I won't even bother trying to save plants w/mealy anymoire unless it's something expeneive or really rare.
Actually, I haven't been very dedicated this yr..don't know what's wrong..I just don't have the motivation, but I do work religiously w/plants still inside..showers, misting, etc.
When do you bring plants in? Toni

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HA HA, Toni------I don't even dare begin to count. Probably between 50 to 100. Lot's of favorites, Lipstick plants , hoyas, orchids, african violets, cactus&succ., begonias, and anything else I might find that looks beautiful. That doesn't mean I grow them all at any one given time. Always changing, I get bored easily. Of course, the hibiscus is a new favorite. As it happens, I usually don't bring them in until the very last minute. I'm never organized.


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Hi Cyber...I too like a number of plants. Haven't done much work on anything outside w/the rain we've been having. Then it stopped and turned cold..this has been one terrible winter.
I checked on Ebay for hib food..and of course there's some organic type I've never heard of, plus stokes tropicals has some avaiable, but it's amost 13.00 for shipping..can u belive this? The shipping is more than the fertilizer..terrible.
So, how have u been? Toni

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Hi ya Toni, I've been doing good hope you have to. Sorry, I just had to laugh,"this has been one terrible winter." Did it get that cold, that it felt like winter? No no no, to winter, I hate winter!

I've been enjoying a few hibiscus blooms. Most of the buds have been falling off. I think they are being attacked by thrips. Always something!

Toni, Go to this site----Hidden Valley Hibiscus. They have a timed release fert. as well as water soluble. Beautiful plants too. I don,t know how much shipping is. The price for the fert. was reasonable. Hope you finally find some.


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Hi Cyber..thanks for the site..I checked it out..but guess what? I use several fertilizers and in back of a large bottle was another container of hib food..LOL..So, after all I found I don't need hib food, yet..
Hidden Valley sells quite a few products...I'm debating whether or not to purchase something..I'll have to think about it..I kinda went crazy buying plants Sat night..lol.
Ordered from 3 different nurseries..Gotta stop this addiction..One plant is a purple leaf Hib..Wonder how it'll do indoors in winter..I should write to the seller and ask if the hib is deciduous or evergreen. I'd rather not deal w/deciduous, u know?
Anyway, thanks for the site..it's always good to add more to favorites..LOL..Toni
I'm going to go back to their site again and look at their hibs..LOL..though I doubt I'll buy any just now..I'd like a double flower...

LOL, I get it..had to scroll up to see what you meant..guess it's been sooo cold, my brain was thinking winter..LOL..sorry..actually, it's been one bad summer..it's a bit warmer today, but it changes often..one day 90, the next 60 or even 50's. Give me 90's anytime..lol.

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