RE: Dead Buds on Hardy Hibiscus

lommel(7)July 15, 2012

I purchased 2 hardy hibiscus 2 weeks ago and just planted

them in the ground due to the extreme heat the past week.

They had blooms and many buds on them when purchased. While in pots on my porch (watered daily)then the buds turned brown and did not bloom. I planted them in the yard , but

no blooms and no buds. What do I need to do?

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Same thing happening here to my Luna Pink Swirl in NW Washington. Still in the pot and all the flower buds are turning brown and dying from tip backward. The leaves are fine, bright green and sturdy. Just the flowers are affected. I manually pruned them all off in the hopes of stopping whatever is happening but would love to know what else to do.


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I am not an expert but it sounds like you are over-watering the plants. Also, be careful on where you put the pots. Putting them on a really hot surface can fry the flowers so you should try to find a spot that is shielded from midday sun or plant them in the ground immediately like I did.
"lommel". Just give the plants time and the buds will return. If they don't they definitely will rebloom next year.

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