Hardy Hibiscus breaking off at root

zookeeperinwaJuly 3, 2012

I have a hardy hibiscus although I can't tell you what variety it is. It was a seedling from an older plant that my mom gave me. This is the second summer I have had it and I am sure I am going to lose it.

Day after day I go out and I find branches wilting. They break off down in the ground. I bring them in and put them in water and they begin developing what I think are roots.

I don't understand what is going on with this plant since it performed beautifully last summer. I do know that at the beginning of the summer my neighbors were letting their small children pick my flowers. At first I thought they were damaging this plant also, but I don't want to confront them if there is another explanation. Our area is having some high winds that I suppose could be damaging the plant.

Can anyone tell me why the branches of this plant are slowly one by one breaking off at the root?

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