Purpose of the olive oil?

gardengalrn(5KS)May 1, 2013

I found a recipe in "The Joy of Pickling" (Linda Ziedrich) that I wanted to try: Honeyed Jalapeno Rings which calls for peppercorns, garlic, pickling spices, cider vinegar, honey, salt, pepper slices and olive oil. Basically you pour the boiling liquid over the slices and add 1 1/2 tsp oil to each jar before processing in BWB for 10 min. What is the purpose of the oil and why is this safe when we've been taught not to can with oil?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I don't know that is has a specific purpose other than consistency/mouth feel and could easily be left out. Carol may know of other purposes as she is quite familiar with Ziedrich and this particular recipe.

As to oil in general, there are a few, very few, tested and approved recipes that allow it in small amounts. Even NCHFP has a couple. But otherwise it is considered a no.

Ziedrich recipes are considered safe and tested as her background is food science and she abides by the NCHFP guidelines.

You can find other discussions here about this particular recipe, some with modifications, under the names Candied Jalapeno Rings and Cowboy Candy.


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readinglady(z8 OR)

We haven't been taught not to can with oil. We've been taught not to can untested recipes containing oil.

Ziedrich's basic formulation is one with a long history, akin to a well-known Extension formulation of marinated peppers.

Basically, oil is not prohibited as long as the acidity is sufficiently high to counteract the insulating effect of the oil globules.

I've tried a couple of those recipes but now I just leave out the oil. Personally, I find it increases the risk of oil rising and compromising the seal. It's just plain messy. Also, if you are planning on a long shelf-storage time, rancidity is a possibility.

So if I want something marinated, I wait until I open the jar and add the oil for the dressing then.

But that's a purely personal choice. The recipes do follow USDA guidelines and have been vetted by outside experts, so they're a nice safe avenue for trying something different.


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Thanks for the info. I knew the author was well respected here, that is why I bought the book (which I love love love). I will probably leave out the oil as well and experiment adding it later. I'm one of the few people who, while I use olive oil almost exclusively in cooking and salads, don't necessarily adore it and its flavor (gasp). I didn't grow up with it and my pallet hasn't totally conformed yet. I will look up the other posts on this recipe, it sounds delicious. Thanks again, Lori

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