Oven canning

sewcrazynurse(MI zone 5)May 2, 2012

Has anyone ever heard of this? Aparently you can put flour or oatmeal in a pre heated jar in the oven for an hour take the jars out and put lids and rings on them and as they cool they will seal theselves! I never heard of such a thing!

But hey if it works why not try it! Although I would like to use 2 quart jars for oatmeal and flour.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Yes, oven canning in various forms it is an old method that has been around for years and although unapproved, seems to make a come back every now and then as new folks re-discover and modify it since it sounds so easy to do.

But what you are referring to is called "dry canning" since only dry goods are used. It isn't really "canning". It is just heating the glass jars in the oven - which the jar manufacturers do NOT recommend - to the point where, when filled with dry ingredients and capped, a weak vacuum forms inside.

Since the foods stored inside are dry foods only, there is no real safety risk except for the jar breakage and since some air is left trapped in the jars it isn't an effective long term storage option despite claims to the contrary.

A much better seal and longer lasting vacuum can be created using one of the jar attachments available with most brands of vacuum sealers.


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sewcrazynurse(MI zone 5)

I wondered if that would be better but I don't have a food vaccume. What are the chances of finding a used one on ebay?

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Can't speak to whether you can find a vaccume sealer on ebay, but if you do make sure it has the hose for attachments. I use mine all the time to seal dry goods in wide mouth canning jars. Not necessarily for long term storage but to make sure it stays pest free in the pantry. My sealer stays on the counter top.

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

Another option is to buy oxygen absorbers.
Fill your jars with the dry goods, toss in an absorber and put the lids on. This also creates a light seal and removes all oxygen. If you freeze all your dry goods first for 24 hours it will kill any potential bugs and eggs.
Then proceed as above.

I have wheat, rice, etc. stored this way as well as sealed (vacuum sealer) in mylar bags.


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I also freeze my dry goods to prevent bug infestation before putting them in my pantry. I wrap the goods in plastic bags to prevent moisture/odor absorption and leave them in the freezer for a MINIMUM of 3 days at zero degrees. There are no items made of flour or grain to escape this treatment.

Once I remember to remove the items from the freezer I leave them on the counter, still wrapped in plastic, to come to room temperature before I put them in the pantry. I usually leave the plastic on unless the item goes in a storage container.

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I got a Foodsaver on sale at Target, and now I see them (and Seal a Meals) all the time at Goodwill. I'm still looking for the jar attachment. But I used to sell Tupperware so I've got tons of containers, freezing first (or keeping things like whole wheat flour frozen) is good.

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lpinkmountain(5b/6a border PA)

Yeah, I long-term store my whole grain flours in the freezer, but this is only possible because I have room enough in my freezer, it's not full of meat or something like that.

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