treesrkinderthnpplJanuary 28, 2012

Where can I find the cheapest land within habitable wilderness & available in small plots (1-3 acres)? No wetlands, preferrably southeast quadrant of the US, but iim open to other options as well. I'm tired of the city & people & I miss the peace of nature. I just wanna deal with me & mine & not be surrounded by the crappy way that society has come to operate. Someone help me out. Please.

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All I really need is, a nearby stream, perhaps deep enough for there to be fish in it, preferrably a wooded area because trees are a omnipurpose resource, I am a carpenter & was a boy scout & in the army, I guess within a mile of a road & somewhere to grow enough food for myself in case my luck with hunting & fishing has a dry streak. I just want to take care of myself without needing to deal with many if any people. I'm disabled so proximity to employment isn't an issue. I can do work, just not at the beaurocratically expected rate, otherwise I wudnt consider this if I cudnt handle it. Society is much more dangerous than the wilderness. Preferably no tundra, u can't grow much & itd be no good for my health on a bad day (simultaneously worst weather & when resouces are at their worst). But I just want enough for me. The same as how the native americans, and anything not cursed with this so called "higher level of intelligence" that really only invokes pride & impedes ethics, operate.

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