cheapest land per acre in the U.S.A.

farmfreedomJanuary 18, 2006

Where is cheapest land per acre in the U.S.A. ???

I can relocate anywhere . No hazardous waste dumps please .

no "wetlands" please . What are the drawbacks ? I will consider any state or territory .

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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

Just a couple of thoughts...

The quality of the soil, the climate and your specific plans as to what you will be doing with the land are more important than the cost per acre.

A few acres with sufficient rainfall and good soil are going to be more productive than many times that size of marginal land.

I think a more useful question would be: where in the country should I locate to get best value for money? People on this Forum may have some ideas for you, but in the meantime, why not define what you want and then do some real estate searches on-line to get a feel for prices.

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That is a very general question. What do you want to do with the land? Farm it? What do you want to grow? Do you just want to get away from having neighbors? How close to a city do you want to be? I'd guess deesrt property would be cheap, but you cant do much with it. Thats great if you just dont want neighbors. How many acres do you want?

If you want good opinions you need to give more details.

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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

If you are looking to economize, another thing you must consider is things like..taxes...does the state have personal income tax? What will taxes on your property be? Also...are you going to try and live off your land...grow food etc...that would be easier down in the south..tell us your goals and we can better answer...

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The cheapest land will be cheap for good reason and is probably scattered among many states. The problems aside from the hazardous waste dump already mentioned could and will be: no nearby possibilities for income, no water, no utilities, barren sand or rock, overgrown jungle, no road acess, too steep to walk on, in the middle of an urban gang zone, near by other irritating industries like rock crushers /feed lots/ chemical plants that stink, over an hour to a grocer of any kind, etc etc. You may want too look into auctions and mortgage or tax forclosures in your desired area but many are still available as distressed parcels due to qulity issues.

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Lots of states have cheaper land, but you have to look hard to find it. With years of looking through united real estate catalog, we found Minn, AR, MO, N.TX, W.TX, WY, NV, OK, KS, IA, W.NY, WV, N.NY, ND, SD to name a few. We just saw 57 acres with 3 bdrm house on ebay for 55,000. Check ebay for cheap land. In some places you will truly be homesteading the old way, making you own electric and carrying water.

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Ron_and_Patty(z7 GA)

I like to look around this website:

Here is a link that might be useful: Landand Farm

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acreage here in western new york runs about 1500 an acre and up. way more for smaller plots.

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I have seen west Texas desert land for sixty dollars an acre, when sold in ten thousand acres. Probably completely worthless, except to be a hermit. Probably no mineral rights either.

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Central IL. land varies of course according to how close to city, surrounding homes, etc. but $10,000/acre will get you property in a semirural area with timber, some arable land and paved county roads nearby. $15,000 will get you similar property but in better school district and nicer surrounding homes. Inside Peoria or Bloomington city limits an acre could easily be $40-50,000 or more. If there is a home you can count on annual property taxes of $2,000 - $10,000 depending on size of the home. I have 8 acres 20 miles from Peoria in a rural area, 3,000 sq. ft. home, some timber and pasture and my taxes are approx. $5,000 a year for property worth perhaps $350,000. We provide our own water, septic system so the money mostly goes to local schools and some minimal road maintenance. This seems expensive to us but prices and taxes continue to rise steadily although without the scarey increases of larger metropolitan areas like Chicago.

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Maggie is right. It isn't the price of the land that should drive your thinking. It is the value and productivity of the land you're buying. There's plenty of "cheap" land that can produce almost no food and is hugely expensive to live on because of unavailable energy and building materials.

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So where is this place and how much is it per acre exactly?
also who do I contact to buy some?

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It probably won't fall in your lap. It will require some research. I'd start by looking at a map of agricultural hardiness zones. Anything 8 or higher will allow you to pretty easily grow some form of food all year long with low energy costs. Then, I'd look for the cost of living indexes within those zones. You'll find a wide variation: it is much less expensive to live in Mississppi than Key West. Then, I'd look for employment centers in low-cost areas and make sure they have a growing population and economy. Then, I'd do an internet and newspaper search for land within an hour's drive of those employment centers. Further narrow your choices, and look at some of the intangibles (local culture, proximity to things you like to do like fishing, etc.). Go visit the area and see if it's somewhere you would like to live. If it is, talk to realtors, scour newspapers and the internet, etc.

I could lived about anywhere. I chose North Florida because it struck a good balance between rural activities (hunting, farming, etc.) and employment opportunities. I live within five miles of the county with the lowest unemployment rate in the state. There are crystal clear spring-fed rivers and the ocean within a 45 minute drive. We get maybe ten freezing nights a year. You can still buy small acrage tracts for a relatively reasonable price ($5,000 an acre) and they will continue to go up in value. You could grow enough food for an entire family on one well-planned and well-managed acre, no problem.

Good luck.

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

You really need to say what your purpose for this land is. To get away from it all, to grow lots of food, to have privacy for being loud, what is it you want? Do you need there to be public utilities such as electricity? Are you hoping for wooded land to cut wood to heat your home? You can't just say cheap land, cuz that would probably be in a dessert with no road to it, and that isn't probably what you really want.

Some friends of mine moved to nowhere, Georgia, got about 5 acres with a nice house fairly cheaply. However, no jobs there for them, hubby now works in Iowa, wife stays at home with the pets. Also they are considered to be damn Yankees and haven't made any good friends there, so it isn't the paradise they dreamed of, even though they have space and trees and things.

Most people don't just want land, they want electricty, roads, someplace to shop for food, etc. What is important to you, what isn't? Will you be trying to be self-sufficient? Or are you just looking for a number and you don't really want to buy this alleged cheap land?


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If I can get land for $1. per acre I would consider desert.
I want space, privacy, a place with little interferance and government rules . Where I can live in an old schoolbus , collect junk cars put up quansit huts raise any any animals that will survive there and edible plants that will grow there .Please Give me a specific price and who to contact to buy . I want to get the most for my dollar .

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The Sandhills of Nebraska.... 1000's of acres for pretty cheap.
Weren't they just giving away small acreages up in Alaska somewhere?

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Please Give me a specific price and who to contact to buy . I want to get the most for my dollar . Yes I am REALLY planning to buy ! CHEAP TO YOU MAY BE EXPENSIVE TO ME !

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To purchase land for $1 per acre, anyone who is legal age (18)
and is a citizen of the United States has the right to do so.
That right and privilege was put into law for us by the
congress of the United States.

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So where is congress selliong land at $1 .per acre ?

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Hi stoneunhenged,

I am really attacted by your research on North FL.

My husband and I would like to know more about it.

could you email me more info? Thanks

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I too am looking for cheap land to live on. I will look into northern Florida...$5,000 an acre sounds pretty good to me. What are the land taxes like? Are there any trees to build a log cabin? I've searched the internet endlessly, but it is difficult to get this type of information.

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The land taxes in North Florida are cheap, especially on agricultural lands. There is no state income tax. Sales taxes are relatively low. There are plenty of trees, both pines and hardwoods. I've lived here for 20 years and, after traveling over much of the U.S., am convinced it is one of the best places for homesteading.

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North FL--summer temps?

We like Crystal River and Carrabelle FL in the winter, come April CR is getting pretty warm. What is it like in norther FL?

We visited several towns in the north and they were nice. Chipley? spelling? Marainne, Quincy, Monticello are ones that come to mind.

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presmudjo(z9 Osceola FL)

Wake up everyone, listen to who is asking. Who is this person? Listen to his speach. Where is this person from. Think of the questions. You are asking for what next door? Yes we are american and are willing to help anyone. This person is looking for out the way land, cheap, to do what??? I'm sorry to say, but watch out what you are willing to give, you may not like what you get. It all just doesn't sound right to me. I'm 100 percent behind americans trying to live. Gee, my family came here in 1635, like that means a rats ass anymore. But this whole thing sounds funny to me. Answer up and give some details as who you are and what you want to do please.

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

FarmFreedom has been on the forum for awhile, generally trying to figure out what will grow where and mostly thinking "outside the box". He seems to be underfunded for most of his desires, but you never know unless you look, maybe he will find a farm out there somewhere. You can't find stuff if you don't look for it.

I suspect his interpretation of "farm" may be a bit different than some other folk's idea of what a "farm" is or should be, but hey, if we all liked the same things there would be a massive haggis shortage out there.

I suspect his farm will show up somewhere in the MidWest, since mostly that seems to have not been part of the massive land price run up the rest of the country has seen over the past five or six years. Somewhere I heard something about small towns which were losing their revenue base (taxpayers) and were almost giving places away to folks who wanted to come live there. However, those sorts of places don't seem the sort to be too involved with the internet yet so I'm not sure where they were. Somewhere in the Dakotas, maybe? Northernish MidWestish is what I remember.

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Where would be the best land to raise sheep? Any ideas? I need land to be cheaper than N. FL, but not as cheap as FarmFreedom.

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I am looking for a retirement property when I retire from the Army with what ever the minimum number of acres to legally shoot on, and has power/water. I am looking in the warmer climates toward the east coast. The land does not have to have great potential for growing. Be within 30 min of stores. What should I expect to pay per acre and any suggestions? You can reach me at

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

in my area you can buy a 10 acre part of a field/woods for around 5000, that is 500 an acre. the smallest legal shooting area for MS is now 10 acres, though unless you have a snobbish neighbor no one says anything as long as you are outside city limits.

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I am looking for cheap land for commercial use, preferably in the south and near a town (can be a couple miles away from town). I need about 20-30 acres of land some fielded areas, some wooded. It is for a new business, so cheap land is a must. Any ideas?

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Try EBay. I've seen some places going pretty cheap there. The have a Realestate category.

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Try Craigslist and City Data forums as well.

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Where abouts in Missouri ? I have heard $500. per acre and $50,000 buys a hose on 100 acres . But what towns and counties ? "cheap" is vague be as specific and concreat as posssible . Thanks for you help so far .

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here is a list havn't checked on most of these sites in over a yr so don't know if any are dead ect.
Free land


New Mexico and others:

Nevada , Arizona, California
and others:

land fron 180/ac


Sierra Blanca, TX:

TX Ranch Realty

land from 250/ac

Van Horn, TX:

West Texas:

land from 300/ac



New Mexico:

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

If you want to grow food go some where with water. hopefully the days where someone could buy cheap land with out water, then steal someone else's water and leave the someone else to starve because they spent all their money on good land that is now worthless are over, although if bill richardson became vice they would surely come back, since that was a big part of his primary campaign.

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Is my driling a well stealing water ? I never heard of this guy . I will also consider growing desert crops : aloe, jojoba , mesquite , prickly pear cactus , carobe . That is if I can get the land cheap enough .

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Hi, I want to buy as much deforested, hacked and slashed/burned land to replant as much as I can. What local State or Federal organization should I speak to that may know how to help me?


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If you are a city person moving to the country be prepared to learn some lessons. Things are different!

When I moved to the country, I had no idea I was moving to an area which has cycles of serious winds. I am a gardener, so this is an unexpected problem with which I have to cope. There are two periods each year, when the wind is high velocity for a month or so--definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Drilling a well is not stealing water. However, you probably have to get a permit to drill the well. Investigate the cost of drilling a well. Find out the depth of the water table, so you know how deep the well has to be drilled. Find out where the water comes from and whether it is a reliable source.

Well pumps run on electricity. You can go solar or wind-powered for your electricity, but you need a specific type of well pump if you are off the grid. Traditional well pumps draw a major load of electricity when they kick on. They are wired for 220.

If there is a creek running on your property, you may not have the right to use any of the creek water. Be very aware of the water rights laws, and the clauses in your buying contract. For instance, my well has a restriction that the water cannot be used for commercial purposes. I cannot grow a crop of something and sell it. For my well there is also a restriction on how much water can be used each year. It happens to be a generous allotment, more than I would need to use. My point is that one needs to be aware of all details.

If there is a propane tank on a property you wish to buy, make sure the tank is part of the sale. It might be leased, in which case it does not belong to the person selling the property/house. If you buy a mobile home already on a property, the usual inspection laws may not apply. For instance, a chimney inspection was required prior to the sale of the house I bought. I knew the chimney was clean and in good working order.

If your heat will be from a wood stove, you need to have seasoned wood. Green wood is a pain in the rear, it doesn't fire-up easily. If you try to buy a cord of seasoned wood late in the year, you might not be able to find any for sale. It is best to buy wood in summer, so that you know it has had time to dry out by the time you need to use it for your source of heat.

I moved from a major metropolitan area in 2002. I had been doing Internet searches, and talking to lots of folks for five years before I decided where I would move. I chose New Mexico. I moved to a semi-rural desert area. It was a major transition for me. In some ways I felt like I had stepped back in time. The culture here is quite different from what I was used to.


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I think i get what your going for farmfreedom, I would suggest that the cheapest land in the us is primarily TX and AZ as of this posting I viewed a couple props 10acres for 1800.00 ,20 acres 6795.00 and 40 acres 12495.00
You should however check, water availability and keep in mind they have unique laws, for example grazing rights for unfenced land. I even saw a prop aporx 13000 acres for 35,000.00 but i think is was a misprint. besides it borders mexico and the last thing you want is to deal with that issue. the major sites i check daily are:

Send me an email if you have questions, I'll try and find some current props that meet your needs (acreage,price,location ect) I'm not an agent or anything but I have put in many,many hrs searching and sorting through sites and offers.
Personally any new sites anyone has time to send me would be appreciated. I raise goats. I'm looking for temperate climate,lots of space 40+ac,and onsite stream or lake/pond
and of course cheap per acre price.
have fun, Ryan

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WHAT TYPES OF GOATS DO YOU RAISE ? Have you made any wild out-crosses to the Ibex for example ? what is wrong with the Mexican border region . New Mexico is another low priced region .The ones you think are a misprint are usually a "bait and switch" scheme .

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Wyoming is probably the cheapest land that is not desert land like west texas. Wyoming is still in a zone to be able to grow most things. It does get cold but you can buy 40 acre tracks for 16,000 bucks and that is with owner financing through big land agencies. They want around $500.00 down with a monthly payment of around $130.00. Most of them charge an interest rate of around 9%. So you will pay on this land for 12 years or so. Nothing but dirt roads and solitude when you live in the country but your near some of the most desirable destinations in the country. Also as far as growing sheep Wyoming is a pretty good place for it. South Dakota is the sheep capital of the world and the climate of wyoming is similar. So if you want cheap land with little money this is probably the way to go if you don't mind living 30 minutes to an hour from any given small town. Of course most times you have to dig a well or install a cistern. And in most cases you make your own electric. Good luck on your venture of cheap land.
One more thing. As far as government control. Texas is one of 2 states that offer something called an allodial title for your land. Meaning that once you obtain this you will never have to pay land taxes again. It also protect your land from being seized for failure to pay any taxes and also protects your rights to the property. This means you not only own from the ground up which is what most people own when they buy land but you also own from the ground down. Having an allodial title in texas will only allow your land to be seized for drugs or criminal enterprise. Just thought you might want to know this in case shtf one day.

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What other state give allodial title ? and what about immenant domain?

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In response to Farmfreedom, boargoats (meat goats) free range mostly with just enough grain so they come running when i ring the bell for feedtime, otherwise I'd have to use the dog. I'm still working out the details for venture capital into an expanded operation of freerange chevon(7-12mon old) and cabrito(3-6mon old) satelite farm.
Mexico border land may have poeple cutting through to get to the US or worse Mexico. Drugs, coyotes, immigrants, criminals, minutemen :P I presumme you want solidtude with little oversite, and loose permit building. In Fl they only check on permits for building in the county if a neighbors calls it in. Saw a site that offers pretty loose financing. I believe it falls in the reverse auction cat. which may be another option for you. You bid the downpayment for the land you want.
I haven't waded through my email yet, so i don't know your parameters for the min land requirements. Other then cheapest possible.

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My requirements for land are pretty much "NO LIABILITES" and I want as much as I can get in acreage as possible for the money . Minimum size would be 10 acres . I have no problem with the U.S. LAND along the Mexican border . An Ibex can jump 40 feet in a single bound perhaps this will give the coyotes something to deal with maybe you should breed some in to your stock . I was glad to hear that there are no land taxes in Texas do they tax buildings? How about other property ?

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well theres 10-20 acres in az and nm for about 1500.00 -2500.00. that cheap enough? I don't think you can raise animals there for lack of forage land, goats can survive on weeds and brush if needed. Haven't looked into Ibex, but i'm sure I wouldn't want my goats jumping 40ft lol. depending on your needs (crops,livestock,ect) you want to spend a bit more for passable forageland or grazing land and start some goats, which will fertilize the area pretty well, thier excrement is small round pellets and melt well enough in regular rainfalls, keep your numbers to about 3 to an acre so the children (ave of 2-3 per fem) will have edible forage. after about 4-5mon sell the kids and bank the money for better or larger lands, keep moving up until you reach your max (what you can handle solo) the billyland site has easy terms, just bid the downpayment, then pay the monthly until you sell the first round of kids, and then pay off the balance. then use the land to trade up after the second round of kids are sold. Its good enough for Abraham :P
Locate a sattelitte farming company and when you find your land ask them if they are willing to pick up animals, if your first round is small enough you could even go into town with them and sell them to an ethnic meats butcher/processor theres one in just about every big city in america, you'd be surprised to learn that about 25% of americans have ethnic dishes and/or religious feasts where the central component is a goat/kid (usually kids).
Use the 3 goats to an acre model, and continually sell the kids, males first keep females if you lose any or wish to increase a bit, but don't let them eat too much of the forage and grass, for a couple months you may need to feed them quality hay (winter) and grains with minerals. If they start showing signs of getting worms or diarea,(easy enough to spot since they sorta quarintine themselves) give them a dewormer and feed them dannon yogurt with the immunitas stuff in it. In a year or so you'll be unpgrading land and stock, so by an RV and a livestock trailer on the cheap. If theres no river/creek/well on the land, rent a back hoe and make a manmade lake/canal and some live catfish, go fishing for the rest. give the goats a tiny bit of feed when you ring a bell as they grow, then later when you load the goats onto a trailer just ring a bell and walk in with the feed and theyll follow. Of course all this only matters if your interested in goats. As an independant/hermit like person, they are ideal, and the meat is ultra lean. Some parts of 3-4mon yr old kids sell in the market for about 24.00/lb though if you raise them you'll only get about 100-130.oo live wieght per kid or 1.10/lb live wieght depending on who you sell to. During religous feast the right kind of kid can sell for 200.00 each, selling direct to the person.

chew on that :P
p.s greek,jamaican,muslim,jewish,mexican,asian,are just a few nationalities and ethnic groups with a need for kidmeat, or big smelly bucks in the case of jamacian and south pacific groups.
p.s.s I got a 25,000.00 slot for venture capitalists if anyone is interested. Five year balloon payment is 50,000.
25k in 50k out, simple

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Yes I will consider goats as well as donkeys, camels, or anything else that I can make a dollar at . The plan sound good are you working it now . They pay $2. per pound live weight for goats in the Iberian community out here in 2001.
how much did these $200. goats weigh ?

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farmfreedom, I believe the 'coyotes' argamonius was referring to are people who lead immigrants across the border. If isolation is what you are after, I doubt you want a illegal highway running across your property. Also, you are more likely to have emminent domain issues along the border-- they want to build a border fence and build a real, paved Mexico/ Texas (the Trans-Texas Corridor) highway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Emminent domain bill vetoed by Perry.

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I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AGAINST "Eminent domain" It has been used most to rob farmers and rural people in the state of Massachusetts all my life . The fence could keep my livestock in and both type of coyotes out at no expense to me hopefully . I take it from your name that you are a border patrol law enforcer .

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"I take it from your name that you are a border patrol law enforcer ."

Ha! Actually, I have a dog named Ranger and a dog named Bubba, and I live in Dallas, nowhere near the border. I'm only aware of the eminent domain issue because it is one of the few issues that I agree on with my Senator, John Cornyn. The US government was wanting to seize private land along the border to build a fence. (Cornyn was trying to fight this, but he's got national political aspirations now so I don't expect him to continue that fight). I would be shocked if they could actually build a fence to secure the Mexico, Texas border, policing efforts haven't been successful in the past. If you don't mind the possibility of giving over some of your land to the US Government to build a fence & enforce it (they will need to watch it), border land should be fine. But it sounded like you wanted a little more privacy. As someone's already said, land is usually cheap for a reason--the eminent domain issue might be a reason why landowners along the border want to sell--There might be a real threat that the govt. is going to seize the land and they want to get something out of it before that happens.

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NM is beautiful and reasonable. We moved to Catron County (sovereign county!) where there is a county ordinance that every household should have a rifle, shotgun and handgun and someone there trained to use them. We bought 81 acres on the continental divide, built a really pretty one bedroom log sided cabin, put in a well, solar panels, wind turbine and all the comforts of home (washer and dryer, garden tub, running water, etc.) Roughing it doesn't have to be torture. We have lots of cedar and pinion pine trees, endless views, elk, rabbits, deer and squirrels with no ticks, mosquitos and chiggers and not a neighbor in sight! We cut most of our own wood off our own land and split it ourselves (with a wood splitter). Our solar system provides for all the power we need and the wood stove is warm and cozy. Taxes are around $400 a year!

We love our home and NM, and now for the lousy part. I have bad sleep apnea and my doctor said I have to move to a lower altitude!! So ... if we can find a buyer who can afford $350K (that is actually only $4K to $5 per acre with a beautiful free cabin and solar house, shed, and well, we're going to have to leave our little corner of the world and start again! We're thinking NW AR, maybe near Bull Shoals or Greers Ferry Lake. Any pro's or con's?

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

When the US govt. takes land they pay a premium for it. I think the immigrants walking on their property and littering and the like is probably more of an issue, that or its such a harsh environment that no one crosses, and who wants to own land that harsh?

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They (the U.S. GOVERNMENT STATE, LOCAL, AND FEDERAL do NOT PAY A FAIR PRICE in this area anyways . If land is cheap enough it can always be used for storage .

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Where in North Florida is good for homesteading at $5k/acre? Please provide some city names so that I can search surrounding areas on

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Great thread. I am looking for cheap land too in eastern Pennsylvania. I want raw land for hunting. I currently have a couple of offers out in the Pocono area but I would be ok with anything in east PA.

I would also consider land suitable for raising cattle.

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great forum!
as a loose definition of what I might be interested in:
something in the east third of the continental US. Needs driving access, 1 to 2 miles of dirt road off a main road 5 to 10 miles from a 45 mph + road is fine. hose not necessary, but preferred. Reliable water table well access necessary. fertile to semi fertile farm able soil, partially wooded.
primarily looking for something that, in the event of social unrest or prolonged unemployment would be able to sustain myself and, in an extreme case, 100 other people, but even 30 would be extreme. Mainly worried about water and food for that many people, shelter, in the extreme case, can be addressed at the time. Secluded enough to go unnoticed from any major transportation route.
As a secondary concern, i would like to start a summer day or sleep away camp, or an amusement park, so something with in 70 miles of suburbs that surround a major city would be nice plus, but again, that is secondary and would only happen if the economy and myself are doing very well.

not sure how many acres, maybe 20+. Would like to spend no more than 150 to 200k for land, electrical, basic house, and well water pumping the house (need to also be able to run well off generator and have hand pump for the well). Any suggested areas? Maybe I should be talking to a real estate broker?

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in case anyone was interested, as i dont know if it will be the CHEAPEST place, but about a year ago i moved back home to oklahoma, and after i get through with college and pay off my car I plan on buying an acreage somewhere in the state. I have followed land prices and city lots can be had for about 6500$ in oklahoma city in "unsafe" areas, land can be had for 1350 an acre or less for larger tracts, and upwards of 10k per acre depending on location. I have also seen storefronts in small towns sell for as low as 1500$, they are older brick buildings with big front windows that probably need a LOT of work, but for a few thousand more you can get something decent. I just depends on where you want to live, if a small town is perfect for you (pop. 2000 or less) the n you can probably make a pretty good sustainable life for yourself for not much money.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

South east Oregon is really cheap, especially if you buy at the tax sales.

Nothing much grows there. Even the 40 mile an hour cows starve.

A 40 mile per hour cow is one that has to keep moving at 40 mph in order to cover enough ground in a day to forage enough to eat.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Not too far east of where I live (Central Oregon)there is an area close to town that is off the grid. It has mountain views, is close to a recreational lake, and within 20 miles of a good hospital (something to keep in mind, especially if you've got children.

There is excellent shopping in the area, lots of things to do, and nearly endless sunshine.

I raise fruit and the further east you go, the longer the growing season, so it has to be possible to raise fruit on those parcels.

At least 3 towns close by have weekly farmer's markets for selling your produce.

I do not know how close to paved roads, since I did not go out to look.

I pulled some prices off the Realtor's site, to give examples. Keep in mind that land is hard to sell right now and it might be possible to buy for considerably less than the asking price.

158 acres for $99,000, photos look fairly level and desert-ish and it has a farm building that looks repairable on it.

25 acres for $65,000. This looks like it is more rolling hills, which means it is closer to the mountains and closer to the lake.

20 acres for $45,000 that already has a CUP (conditional use permit) approved. That means it is already approved to build on.

10 acres for $39,000

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I do not know how many people out there are still interested in land but I do want to warn you that buying land that was obtained through a tax sale can be iffy. If the person who purchased the land certificate didn't do all the lien reviews and leg work you could end up with a piece of property that has a prior lien and you will lose that land, no reimbursement for what you paid either unless you want to pay the lien holders.

As to land, i am also looking for land. I have found the following:

$2750 cash price for 1.16 (approximate, can't remember) of undeveloped land in Arizona in Apache County. The owner said also can take $500 or 10% maybe 20% down and finance for different interests rates depending on how long you want to finance. Will go 84 months so the land will cost you about $3750 total when paid off. There are several of these parcels listed on Craigslist. I would be very careful when dealing with the different lands listed.

It is off grid living, meaning no water, you haul it in, electric several miles away, etc. You would be living on a piece of land with nothing but Juniper trees. The lots look very nice and say the elevation is around 6000 feet so it is not overbearing hot in summer. Some land shows snow on the ground.

Problem I am having, no one will answer my questions when I email them. I am asking what the water level is and is well drilling permited, average depth of well, how far and how much per foot for electric. Is zoning for mobile home and is it restricted to only double wide or ????

If you get any response to this, let me know. I worry very much about using Craigslist. One land owner there wants you to send him a downpayment, he will send you a contract and then when you pay off you will get the Deed. Not in my world, I get the deed and the owner that finances puts a lien on the property for the amount he financed. These are just some of the things I question.

I hope to drive up to the area. I have contacted the Apache Assessors office for onwner information and they have not responded. That's government for you but I will be trying to contact them again.

If you find anything, let me know. I cannot pay more that $1000 an acre and only need an acre and will live in a camper until I get what I need to set up the property for living in the 21st century.....

Good luck, and get in touch with any ideas you have.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

A few suggestions:

Call the electric company. They will have a line for new construction. You ask them how much it costs to bring a line in. But sit down and hold onto your hat before you ask. My last quote was $30,000 to bring the power half a mile. That's makes a generator look pretty good.

Call local well drillers or the local water master. They will know how deep the local wells are and if you can even get a permit to drill a well.

In some areas you can not drill a well, and in other areas you can only have a well for household use, no irrigation. Every drop of water everywhere in the USA belongs to someone. You can't just take it.

The county planning and development will tell you what can be built, what the regs are for mobile homes (check age restrictions, if you plan to buy a used one)

I've never had a county assessor's office be anything but polite and give me owner's information when I called them. Did you phone? If you are going out there, you can walk into the office. Yes, definitely verify ownership and insist that the sale goes through escrow and you definitely want to buy title insurance, even on a cheap purchase.

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My family & I are looking for inexpensive land-100 acres or more-but at the same time it has to be able to grow crops & carry livestock- as well as keep wildlife sustained.

Our purpose is quite simple- we want to get back to the basics of life- completely self sustaining!

We want to be able to have organic free range chickens, ducks, goats for milk & other dairy needs, sheep for milk, meat, & wool- as well as cash crops- all to be stored for personal use & sold for income.

We also would like to eventually (years down the line) be able to open a holistic healing center that takes payments for services in kind- like communities use to do!

You have no money- what can you offer in place of money? Do you raise chickens, grow crops we don't- we give you services for the commerce you have to offer-

We feel that had our society not become so monetarily minded, we wouldn't have half of the problems we have- & our kids would not be facing a future in the middle-class slave trade just to keep the heat on!


**We've been looking in Kentucky & West Virginia-We are not opposed to snow, in fact we quite enjoy it- but DO NOT want to be snowed under for most of the year!

**Ideally we'd like to be about 20-45 mins out from a small town; 1-1 1/2 hrs from a good size city. We want seclusion but accessibility, should we choose to use it!

**We want to have at least 1 stream on the property- water is a must for survival & homesteading-

**We would also like the land to have a combination of options - ie: some flat for building & some hilly/mountainous regions- & although I'd LOVE to have a cave on the property- its not a necessity! :-D

Having said that, I need help finding the right sites to look on- I am by no means a computer guru & everything that I find is Broker run- & we all know that their commission means higher cost to the buyer!

Unfortunately, every time I try to find foreclosed or tax seized property, I end up on sites that want you to pay for any information. I know that there are ways to get the info wo going through them, but I haven't a clue how to access it!

I hope this info is helpful- I would be so eternally grateful for any support I can get with this venture!

Thanks so much-

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Once you have a location in mind, you can search Craigslist real estate for sale by owner.

Gotta tell you, sometimes (often) FSBO is more expensive than what is listed with a real estate agent. The agent tries to talk the seller into trying for a realistic price.

All foreclosures are going to be through an agent. That's the way it is done.

HUD lists their own foreclosures on their website and there are some good bargains there.

I think I've got address for a couple of sites where you can see foreclosures listed for free. I would NOT pay for that information.

If you know what county, foreclosures will be listed at the county offices, because they require legal paperwork to be filed.

Also, most banks will have a list of their own foreclosures on the web. Search by each bank individually.

Counties will give you a listing of their tax sale properties. Be aware that in most states, you are buying a tax certificate and not the land. You will have to wait out the redemption period and then foreclose. The property might come with unpaid liens. Don't buy at tax sales without learning every single detail of how it works. Do not assume you know what you are doing because of what you've heard about it.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

For foreclosures, you can try this website. If they just hint around at the property and don't give the listing or the bank, simply check with the county, or with a local real estate agent that handles foreclosures. All foreclosures are sold through agents. There is no reason to pay for information.

For the sales on the courthouse steps, sometimes you can buy, but often the bank buys back and then lists the property with an agent. Don't buy on the courthouse steps unless you've done a title search beforehand.


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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A) will give you a listing of most properties for sale in an area.

RealtyTimes will give you some names of local agents plus a market report on local sales conditions.

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I stumbled across this site through a Google search.

If you are looking for cheap, tillable land, I suggest the Texas Panhandle. We live "in town" in a community just under 1,000 pop, and our home (purchased through tax bid for $370) appraises at $8600...for a 2 (LARGE!) bedroom home with 300 sq. foot living area of about 1500 square feet. The total lot size is about 1/4 acre.

Most land needs to be purchased in larger acreages, but land in the small towns or on the outskirts of these towns goes for a pittance. And the area where I live is about an hour from Amarillo, so employment options are relatively strong, as unemployment in the area is roughly 5%.

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Just a few things....

1st) Thank you for all of the input I am getting - Any & all information is helpful & much appreciated.

2nd) To Retrogeek42 - if you would be kind enough to give the website you found through google, I would very much appreciate that as well!

3rd) I received an email from a individual named Sofia Duncan, stating that she read my post & asked that I email her from my personal email. I don't want to come across as paranoid. However, I am a bit leary of giving out my personal email &/or any other personal info w/o being able to verify who the person is. If anyone knows this person, has information on her, or you yourself are on here & can post a message on the board letting me know what your member name is, I would feel better about talking to you one on one!

Thanks again for all the info- PLEASE keep it coming!
Happy New Year To ALL!!!

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for information on inexpensive property to raise goats, vegetables, fruit trees, that is a few miles from a small town, and about 25 miles from a med-size city somewhere in the South. I am looking for mainly flat to rolling acreage between 5 to 10 acres. I am looking for a place that is friendly and accepts outsiders. I presently live in a small town in Kentucky, but the people do not like outsiders and are not very friendly. Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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I have lived in sw tx/nm now for 10 years.there property in orla tx area for 50.00 per just have to look.yes 50.00 per acre 5 ac and up.and west of orla tx to van horn thats 100 miles worth.the prices are climbing and taxs are cheap.remember it is desert land.water is in tanks and most the time no electric close by.ward county has a ton of 5 ac parcels for 1000. van horn or ward county
hope this helps all who want cheap land.

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Thank you for being specific as I have asked from the beginning. Can you get any of this land with alodial title? YOU HAVE BEEN THE GREATEST HELP OF ALL .

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WARNING....If you even attempt to buy land in Van Horn, Texas, be sure to check the land owner.

A fella named Glenn Rankle has land there, for sale, to which he will never give you the ownership to.
It was 4000 for 40 acres back in the late 70's and early 80's and after I paid him off (including interest at 9% (This was back in the 80's remember and interest was NOT at 9%) he sent me a letter telling me I still had to pay, yet another 4000 (plus interest). I told him where to get off, and he is still trying to pull this crap, selling that same old useless land.
Water is available at a depth of 500 feet. YES!!! 5 Hundred feet.
No electricity is available and only windmills are used and they are 25 footers or larger. There was only one, within a 20 mile radius. Callte can only eat scrub oaks, which are not even available this year due to severe drought coinditions and probably not available for the next few years until it comes back, and even then it is few and far between. The soil is not sandy or loamy but ROCKS!!!
I know of no crops being grown there, and there are no ther ground water sources available.
Glenn Rankle rips people off around the U.S and that fact can be found by googling his name and doing your research.
This jerk made millions off of unsuspecting people getting ripped off and he continues to this day. If I remmeber correectly the name of the ranch he was selling off was the Wolf Creek Ranch or something similar.

My main point is to research the land before you buy it, who is selling it, and what is there reputation. Are there any minerals, where and how much water is available, and HOW is it available.
Is there any electrical available, are there any cell towers in the area, and how far away are they. How about emergency services, etc.
Last but not least, make sure there are no incumberences, no levy's, and that your contract is ron clad, down to the letter, or people like Rankle will rip your money right out from under you. My total loss to the rat ba$tard was around 9000.00 for a worthless pile of junk land, which it still is, to this day.

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by the way, minerals only give you rights down a few hundred feet. 500 feet and you would have to pay for the right to access that water. The windmill & tower would cost around 5-8 thousand dollars, not including the 1-inch steel rods you would need to pump that water, at that depth, the pump and standing barrel at the bottom, not to mention drilling of the well, casing, cementing in the casing, water holding tanks, etc. and then it would have to be filtered, because of the steel. And THAT is if the water aquifer is in your area, which is less than a 50/50 chance.

Just be aware of Glenn Rankle and his tricks. He is definitely a rip off artist. Look him up.

sorry for the mispelled words, as I should have proofread it before posting it.

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to find out about Glen Rankle, check this link

Notice how many times he has changed his website (over 50) and how many times he has done other things to try and hide (over 100)

He has 5 other websites, and is supposed to be a realestate dealer in California.
Fat chance anyone should ever buy anything from this jerk.

Here is a link that might be useful: glen rankle

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Looking for small acerage in mid to southern east of PA.. ie Nothumberland. Ag or NO zoning. I am a professional dog breeder ( 50 title holders, inc. Best In Show winners).
BUT PA ranks ALL dog related matters as PUPPY FARMS ie the Amish and others that keep dogs like chickens in cages and do NO quality control. Taxes in NJ became impossible & I had to sell my property. At 70 I could no longer have a night job and work in the kennel all day. I do NOT want to board dogs. I never sell wholesale or on breeders terms or give full AKC regs unless the dogs is shown to Ch title & passes all health checks, etc.. People need to learn & pay their dues before breeding. I also need privacy. I don't want to bother anyone. I found two great places, but they were both in New Ringold and they treated me as if I had leprosy !! I saw 3 kennels in Skuylkill Co. that I would not accept FREE. They were licensed but WAY below anything I would take as a gift. I don't want anyone elses kennel. Mine was exceptional. I don't really want the type of set up most would have. I want longggg runs, exercise paddocks and self in-out for the dogs. I whelp and raise the puppies in my house. They have 24 hour supervision until they are 3 to 4 weeks and eating from a bowl. I breed little but the best. I tell you this so you know any time you spend sending me info is not feeding selfish desires. . I chose the area mewntioned as it is not so far removed from my client base of the East coast. In addition to Rottweilers I will have an Italian pointing breed and an English breed smaller than a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that herds and rats. I have owned other rare breeds of BiS quality in the past & expect to do the same with these breeds. Any suitable info will be appreciated. When I travel to see re i MUST TAKE MY 4 DOGS WITH ME.. it is VERY difficult !!

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I want to buy a house and a small piece of land, probably in florida. For retirement.

Any good ideas.

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Been lurking on this big giant thread a little bit. Friicking INFORMATIONAL OVERLOAD! LOL! Yah But Im in the same boat. Good Stuff... Trying to find an area in Illinois that has no population around it for 5 square miles. Not necessarilly buy all that acreage, jsut have a central plot enveloped in all that abject desolation. Well any ideas how to do this for $5000-$15000? Any Tips on...Shawnee National Forrest, or Rent Vacant FarmStead, or Governmetal permits passes, or Leasing Privately owned hunting property, or Renting Cabin plot retreat, or PiggyBacking on someone elses prop, or just out right buying or renting of OFF GRID property? This Is going to be used for a GREEN BIOsphere of sorts.

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Just reading this thread for first time.

Curious, farmfreedom, if you've yet purchased your land?

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I am looking for cheap land because I want to build a Earthship type home like found in the YouTube Documentary called "Garbage Warrior" I also like what I saw on 1,000,000 lbs of food, 10,000 fish and 500 yards of compost on 3 acres per year. It also was at YouTube. On Three acres you can make a good living, feed your family organically and heat your home and cool it and supply your own electrical, water and sewage needs for nothing. That is what I want land for. I also like the Earthbag homes.

You can be completely self sufficient in a few short years this way. You would not make any pollution foot print on this planet and you would have all your needs taken care of. You could probably do this easily with just 2 acres. Especially with all this vertical gardening stuff out there. You need to research this yourselves. Enjoy.

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Any realtors in Illinois that specialize in OFF GRID?

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cheyenne(zone 8, WA USA)

Like argamonius I too love goats! I'll probably start out with five acres, a few goats, a cabin, SMALL barn and a greenhouse in NE Washington State or Northwestern Cali.

In the future I'll be looking for between 40-160 unbuilt acres for homestead with goats, horses, trees, pasture, access to water, near small town and hour or so from big town (not city). Low-no land tax and no restrictive codes as regards fencing or building. I need room to build an arena for horses, a barn and greenhouse and still have room for pasture and field. I'd like to have a few small houses rather than one large one, not to subdivide but to have homes for relatives or friends interested in helping out in exchange for rent or horse boarding, whatever. Doesn't that sound nice?

Ideally this would be in Northern Cali. but Eastern Washington near Idaho would be good too.

Actually this is so specific I really enjoy trolling the real estate sites for these two areas. The restrictions on land/water use are so scary for me, imagine planning largish scale construction and having to stop and regroup because you found your plans weren't kosher!

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I was reading this thread and would like to contribute. I think the documentary Garbage Warrior on Youtube would be of interest to you all. You can also go to Earthship(dot)com for more info. You can also watch Earthship seminar Part 1 and 2 on Youtube for more detailed info. It is possible to live off the grid with no well and no utilities coming into your home. You can grow food indoors year round including citrus and bananas even if you live in a cold climate. It is all explained in the above links.

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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

Costillo county in southern Colorado is very cheap land, but be sure there is water available. It is near the Great Sand Dunes Nat. Park and not too far from Santa Fe New Mexico, so I think it will be worth a lot more someday. I remember seeing giant tomato farms there as a kid, but is just desert with no water. Great place to build an earthship and harvest snow in a cistern.

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I'm looking to buy land on the moon, can u guys recommend a good location? I'll move there, I'll do it.

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Wow, great information here.

In 2002 I did a research on property and wanted these things: clean air, clean water, moderate climate, no military bases, and no Superfund sites or toxic waste dumps. Those were the parameters I typed into the government database called Enviro-mapper. There were only four places that came up that met most of the demands. Southern New Mexico met all plus more (1 1/2 hours to an international airport, 15 minutes to town, and 15 minutes to an interstate, and a hospital too). So I bought land in an area called the Deming Ranchettes several years ago. A man named Dennis Mack sold it to me. He was a nice guy and reputable. He sold lots of property averaging about $3200 an acre, some had electrical access, some not. During this time the county was secretly re-writing the zoning so that all these new landowners could not use their properties. Six months after I received title the county changed their zoning and forbid anyone that owned less than 2 acres to drill a well. That affected about 90% of the properties purchased, including mine. A lawsuit followed but I lost my job and decided to stay put for awhile. I know some people were trying to combine their properties to share a well, etc. At some point I will check back in with the whole thing.

Ideally, I would have liked to gather several neighbors and form a cooperative type eco-village.

Now I am back online and looking to see what everyone else is doing around the country and to ask if anyone has successfully partnered with others to create small communities similar to the one I mentioned.

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In terms of goats, and predators, some breeds of dogs, are guards for your animals, like the Kuvasz, Anatolian Shepard, Great Pyrenees and about 11 other breeds, these dogs live in with the goats, or sheep, and will take down most anything that tries to hurt your flock. Its something to think about if you want land that is out of the way, it would cut down on predation, and keep your investment safe.

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Make sure you do your homework before buying any land, you can get topographic maps from the USGS, that will show roads, elevations, whether the land is forested, etc. As for Craigs List, be very careful, most of the stuff on their is scams, with people just trying to get your money. I had friends that thought they were getting a fixer upper house, and they paid their money and moved in, imagine their surprise when the real owner showed up, wanting to know what they were doing, they lost all of their money and still dont have a place to live.For foreclosed properties, you can go to the county websites, they have listings for all the properties for sale, and with any back taxes due, or other lein information. People just make sure you check out everything you can, before you buy, and if you can make sure that you see the property, and do not send money up front. Most counties have property survey maps for the property, its always a good idea to check these out, gives you a better idea of where the land is.

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Thanks for the great reminder ShadowLady. All counties have the information needed.

I saw a property I was interested in recently only to find out that it was located within a home owners association even though it was in a rural area. The monthly fees were $341.00. There were many foreclosed homes in the same area.

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Lots of ideas here. Thanks. I am 50, female and living on disability. I currently rent and am likely looking at divorce very soon. So I am beginning to wonder about the next chapter in many life. Really interested in "tiny homes" built on a trailer axle to avoid the hassles of building permits but I need land.
So, just began looking for reasonable land. This is one of the first sites I actually joined because there are lots of useful ideas.
I like the idea of "communites" but where do you find them?
Ideally I would love to find about 4 acres for about $5000.00 tops. (For all, not each) in a climate warmer and dryer than Seattle and not too far from town and medical facility. Not that I hope to need it much but kinda scary to be too far away. Lol
Like I said, just beginning my search. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks for any leads.

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@ farmfreedom I am new to this page. I just wanted to say that it sounds like you would be interested in what this person has to say @ solarcabinhomesteading He has abt. 60 videos on self-sufficient living with lots of good tips on great places to buy cheap land and ways to scavenge things to build things. .

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Any help is appreciated; I am interested to know where I could buy a very small piece of land, less than half an acre even, where a small dwelling could be erected. It would have to be within a couple miles of a place to get food and water, but aside from that no real restrictions.

In short, for around $3000 could I purchase land on which a tent could be erected, or where a little cabin could be built?

I would be looking to do this as soon as possible if I am able to get the right information and simply go through with the deal - so any help towards this end is valuable. A lot of information is already contained in the thread, but anything a bit more specific as to my purposes (land on which a tent/etc could be erected, not concerned at the moment with agricultural prospects, etc.)


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A lot of people are asking this same question right now. I know there must be groups of homesteaders on the Internet. As far as cheap land goes, there is still acreage in Deming Ranchettes (Deming, New Mexico) available but the zoning and regulations have changed constantly. Nowadays you can't even run gas lines or electric lines to your property without a building permit.

I think the best thing to do is find people who have similar interests and values, pool your money and buy a large piece of land in an unicncoporated area, and divide it up between the partners. Only resell to the other partners first, and then only to people who will agree to abide by the common rules that you all come up with.

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'Where is cheapest land per acre in the U.S.A. ???
I can relocate anywhere . No hazardous waste dumps please .
no 'wetlands' please . What are the drawbacks ? I will consider any state or territory'

I've been pondering this same question for quite a while. Land in Wyoming is certainly cheap - esp near Rawlins. Understand there are no rights passed along. No water, no minerals, nothing. It's scrub land - greasewood and lots of alkali flats.
$45k gets you a quarter section.

In New Mexico - land from Magdalena up the hill to Quemado is cheap too. Water wells are deep 450' or more and expensive to drill.

In West Texas, my choice is Sanderson-Dryden. I can get 700 ac for $250-295/ac. There's water and some semblence of structures. Lots of game - more than the other states and not many hunters. You can get 'out' easier - road and Amtrak in Alpine.

I'm moving to my piece of heaven shortly and don't mind the elev or the dry summer heat, b/c it's practically the same as my Wyoming homestead. I will not miss the religious people showing up on my doorstep once a month - trying to save me, nor harrassment by the local kops.

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Well, there's some cheap land in New Mexico for sure, but the problem is water. Up around Taos, Tres Piedras, it's still cheap.

I moved to Taos in 1995 to work on Earthships there, and for a bit of a hijack, I would tell anybody who's thinking about building one to run, not walk, in another direction.

Earthships are a terrible design, and a bad idea in every way, including thermally. I've built them and lived in them and they are awful. Look into something that actually works, like straw bale, or rastra block, or hemp-crete...

Earthships are just awful things. Yes, they have some good ideas, like rooftop rainwater catchment and grey water, but use those in a better design.

Here's what you want: Superinsulation, r-50 or better, everywhere including the roof. Radiant heat, fed by a solar water heater panel, and maybe wood, gas, whatever, as well. No north windows and lots of vertical south windows, with overhangs to exclude summer sun, but admit winter sun. You want a lot of thermal mass inside an insulative envelope, with good solar gain in winter and none in summer.

Earthships are directly coupled to the earth with no insulation, so while they won't freeze, they do try to remain 58 degrees, like the earth. That's just miserable in winter. And in summer, the slanted glass overheats and humidifies, and your house feels like a greenhouse, because it is. Plus, they are super labor-intensive to build, and use an ungodly amount of concrete. Ugh.

Back on topic: I'm leaving tomorrow on a quest for cheap land in southern Colorado. If I find anything, I'll shout back.

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I know this thread is several years old, but it is helpful to me now since I am looking for raw land in the next few months or so.

I fell in love with some raw land in northern Nevada, but I wasn't thinking with my head. I've decided I want some sort of water on the land-not only a well. I also don't want the high wind stuff. Oh, and I like lots of trees-so I am rethinking Nevada. I'm in the Chicago area and I am tired of winters and was surprised to find out the winters in Nevada are worse than what I have now. Good news was the availability of 5,10,20,40 acre tracts and less than a 500 an acre

I found some cheap land in west TX almost on the border to MX. I don't mind someone coming over to look for a better life, but I decided I don't want to be the first house "bad (aka drugs-etc)" people bump into. So, that part of TX is out-that's just me

I checked out Colorado and Wyoming (southern), but the well depth looks to be astronomical. Although I would get my trees and grasslands.

Now I have been looking at MO (south of Salem). It's looking better with trees and water on the land

Every property I look at has 6 reasons for it and half a dozen against it. Hoping I know when I run across the right one.

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How about this one?? 90k for 60 acres in Paradise!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Land for sale in MO

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For those of you who wonder where I planned to settle it was in the Hilo Hawaii area the closer the lava flow the cheaper the land . In some areas they have 365 days with out frost. My second choice would be in Texas with alodial title that means that the land is not part of an incorporated city or town so you do not have to pay property taxes on it . My health has taken a turn for the worse so I will be staying In Ma. because of the health insurance . Did you know that residents in MA can take college courses for free after their 60th birthday at all "STATE" colleges and universities , ($37. per semester for community colleges) , plus books ! So I am signing up for a course in organic agriculture in September 2014 .

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Drakemoore(8 - FL)

From what I've seen. Land itself isn't that expensive in almost every state. Note 'land'.

Not: "House and land, mobile home and land"
Not: "Within 5 miles or less from a town of more than 500 people"
Not: "With water tapped and connected to power grid"

Yes: "Land in the middle of nowhere covered with trees"
Yes: "Land that's a desert or rocky, in the middle of nowhere"

That's not to say that there's not hidden gems out there. I've seen some beautiful land, 5+ acres with homes, or mobile homes, not that far from town for less than $50k. Problem? It's usually sold within days of it entering the MLS. Either by desperate people who have the money to buy it outright, or by people / businesses wanting to resell it for profit.

I mean, if you don't mind living in the middle of nowhere, and either living entirely off grid or having to pay to get electricity, well and plumbing installed and probably living inside a camper or a small temp stick house, you'll find a looooooot of land out there cheap.

Additionally, if there's no well tapped there, then you won't know fully if it's possible to tap a well there, or it is, if the water is safe.

Me personally, I would 'highly prefer' a place where I can at least get even very low grade broadband that isn't delivered via satellite or wireless and isn't 15+ miles away from even a tiny town. If you're olderish or retired from business, have social security or retirement or other funds coming in and you want to want to live a homesteading kind of life to be sufficient or whatever then that's fine. Younger or worse off people that don't have any form of fixed periodic income have to either work or make money off their homestead, and that isn't easy if you're in the boonies.

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Curious about this "cheap" Missouri land rumor; I was born and raised in Missouri and have watched for reasonably priced land for over 30 years. During that time, anything productive and within reasonable commute distance priced under 2k an acre was gone quick (some even before it hit the market.) Recently, in the soft real estate market, I have seen unimproved tracts +/-60 acres selling in the 2-2500/acre range; I consider this reasonable. The only thing I see much cheaper is deep in the Ozarks comprised of hills and hollows and rock (you might be able to raise mountain goats if the predatory animals don't get them first) and is likely as not off the grid. Anything within an hour or so of St. Louis or Kansas City that has adequate timber brings out the city hunters and keeps the prices pretty much at a premium. Tillable ground goes much higher and I have heard of some in central Missouri bringing 10K per acre. I personally like being in what most people call "the boonies" but would rather stay on the grid, unless I happened to run across a self sustaining set up. Now that I am approaching retirement I would entertain trading a 40 acre tract within 5 miles of an interstate and an hour of KCMO for a larger more remote tract.

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I am definitely interested in cheap land. I want to start a permaculture tree farm and I would like between 50 - 70 acres. I definitely have to stay around $1,000 per acre. It also needs to be Eastern US. I would love any advice you could give. This is my retirement plan so I need it to work out and get started as soon as possible. Thanks for you help.

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Texas does have land taxes. Road and bridge plus school taxes.

On 20 acres it is maybe 200 a year. Our land is wooded with a pond.

We will be selling soon.

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Kind of a vague question but if I were you I would look at foreclosure properties in Oregon

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Hafeezur Rehman

It is interesting . The blog or very helpful. Although it is very difficult to find things you need. Aware do come. I am also looking 5 to 10 acres tillable land with water . I am aware that the prices be moderate neither costly nor cheap. My purpose is to start small vegetable farm......then to see into the future I mean expansion is depending some time in future.I need help to buy land for my purpose....the vegetable farm...thanks in advance.

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