curling leaves on potted hibiscus

vtandreaJuly 12, 2014

Last year I bought a gorgeous hibiscus called Purple Galaxy. It thrived and produced many blossoms. I brought it inside for the winter and it remained green and lush, even bringing forth more flowers while in my sunroom. I brought it outside to spend the summer on my front porch (northwest orientation) where it was last summer. Now the topmost leaves are quite tightly curled and I see no buds forming. When this started, I unpotted the plant and found it was quite rootbound, so I put it in a larger pot. Maybe I went up too large? It's also having a yellowed leaf about every other day for no explicable reason. (It's getting fertilized with time-release sprinkles.) Does anyone have any ideas?

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I am working with several of my plants that are cupping, and I have a few pest problems that may contribute. I may start dumping pots to check for root growth, as I suspect this may be a soil issue. All of of the plants that have my new potting medium show no issues. This could be a lack of the plants ability to absorb water and nutrients to send to these outer leaves. If someone here has experience, I would love to hear. I will post this in other forums also.


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