how long b/f my hibiscus will look like a hibiscus

jeannejeanie(7 long island)July 29, 2007

so i bought the hardy hibiscus from michigan bulb this spring. when they arrived I was so disappointed they were just 2" sticks (3 of them) w/ little roots. so i planted them any way. now there is 1 small 8" plant in the area where the 3 sticks were planted. I really don't even know if this is the hibiscus or is it a big weed. it's flopping over (i've staked it) & keeps trying to curl down. my question is how long before i know if this is a hibiscus or a weed. when will it bloom? what can i do to help it mature faster. thank you all so much. i love the way these plants look & will try to root some cuttings in the fall but...i'm so ...thank you jeannie

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

The hardy hibiscus can get floppy.
How much sun are yours getting. I know if they don't get enough, they can either try to aly down or "lean" towards the sun.
Have they bloomed yet?

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jeannejeanie(7 long island)

they are getting full sun from morning until night but look like leggy overgrown giraffees ... no blooms but the leaves are definitely hibiscus .... they are now 18" tall 1/2" stems (diameter) barely any leaves ... do you think they need some fertilizer? ty...jeannie

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At that size, you most likely will not see any bloom this year. Water and a little fertilizer, and let them grow.

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