New Rose of Sharon, leaves look sad/yellow/falling off...

aaronj2005July 23, 2012

A few weeks ago we planted a new ROS Minerva in between two mature Hydrangeas. The leaves of the ROS started to get yellowish and would fall off about a week after planting it. I read that it could be related to over watering. We noticed that one of our sprinkler heads might be watering it too much; so we are now shutting the sprinkler system off if rain is in the forecast.

Just recently, we decided to transplant our Minerva to a different area. It seems to be doing a little better now.

We really wanted a ROS in the previous area in between the Hydrangeas as it will provide privacy for us. So we found a great looking/taller White Chiffon that we planted in the same spot.. making sure to watch the over watering. It started off looking great however it seems to be having the same issues as the Minerva ROS.

What is the problem? Could it be the spot? (In between two mature Hydrangeas?) We also have a Blue Satin ROS close to that same area (same soil etc) that is doing very very well.

Thank you for any help you can provide!!!

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What kind of area is this? ROS love sun and hydrangeas (at least here) love shade. To keep the hydrangeas blue here we have to ammend to soil to make the PH lower (acidic) and a ROS would not flourish near them.

Any photos of your stressed plant?

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We are in NJ. This whole area below gets part sun, and part shade. We do not put anything in the soil. Our Blue Satin ROS is doing well & is very close to the area. We haven't been watering the new Chiffon, expect for the rain. Our Minerva that we moved that was originally in this spot... is doing well in it's new spot.

Here are pics... any help is appreciated:

When we first planted it:


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Rose of Sharon will complain for a few weeks when you transplant them at all.
That's just what they do.
They will almost always bounce back after 2 weeks and start looking better.
Water your shrubs generously after transplanting for at least a week. They need it, you are moving them in the heat and they need the extra moisture to get themselves situated in their new spot.
Remember, they are not established for 3 years after you uproot them and move them around.
So make sure for the next 3 eyars you keep and eye on the watering situation. Mulch is your friend.

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Hi Aaron,

I am having the same problem with one of my ROS.I think it is over watering because we also had so much rain. My ROS is in a container on my balcony that gets full sun4-5 hours a day. I want to repot it right now but would that be another mistake and probably kill her?
What should I do, my plants in and out are like children to me.Pretty silly huh.

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