Catching Up with Photos

maximus7116(MI)July 7, 2014

After a weekend away, I'm playing catch-up with getting photos of everything popping in the garden. We had some heavy thunderstorms that shredded a lot of daylilies, but these looked ok over the past few days.

TWO SUES with her maiden bloom. This one blooms for a long time:

MARK ALAN CARPENTER is super fragrant, although a little chewed up by the storm:

TREASURE OF THE SOUTHWEST doesn't give me many blooms, but they're usually pretty perfect:

AARON BROWN is such a beauty that I'm posting a not-quite-perfect bloom photo:

TEMPORARY AND ETERNAL does well in mostly shade:

DREAMCICLE SUPREME was drenched by the storm, but still pretty:

INTEGRATED LOGISTICS is one of the most prolific bloomers here:

CLOWN PARADE started showing off over the weekend. This one has terrific plant habits:


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Clown Parade is my favorite. It's on my list of wants. Glad to see you posting again.

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Chris, does Mark Alan Carpenter have a sweet fragrance or a "clean" fragrance? I have a couple of daylilies that I can smell, but when I bring the blooms inside it doesn't smell like "there are flowers in here". Rather it smells like "someone's been cleaning in here". But clean in a fresh way, not a chemical way.

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Clown Parade deserves its spot on your want list. It's a great plant.

MAC has a sweet, floral fragrance. I don't think I've paid much attention to whether a daylily is fragrant or not and discovered MAC's fragrance when I broke the bloom and brought it inside. It's a huge flower and I couldn't believe how nice it smelled. It's an evergreen and doesn't have a great bud count here, but I loved the fragrance so much I kept the plant.

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Treasure of the Southwest looks as though it has a well-budded scape. Wonderful pic of Two Sues (framed by scapes). How would you evaluate Temporary and Eternal ? Does it get more pink highlights with sun? What is size? Height?

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Maryl zone 7a

One of the daylilies I lost over winter was Treasure of the Southwest. It never was overly vigorous, but as you said the blooms were such a pretty color and had nice form. I paired it last year with the Kong Coleus and the colors really played off of each other. Was planning on doing that again, but mother nature took charge. Dreamsicle Supreme is right up my alley too. A nice yellow.....Maryl
TOTSW + Coleus

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

all are so glad you have lots of blooms now to show photos. mine are all gone except for 3 or 4 that only has a couple buds left.INTEGRATED LOGISTICS is a beauty, along with CLOWN PARADE.


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deangreen(7b OK)

the first one is a beautiful mix of colors, and so many buds! very nice, but I like the form of the second one much better. nice phtoos! :)

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Beautiful flowers and pictures! Aaron Brown and Two Sues have not bloomed here yet this year.

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Thanks, everyone. It's nice to finally have the season started.

Mantis, T&E has gotten less and less sun here as the tree near it has grown taller, so I'm not sure how much more pink it would show with more sun. I did notice that this photo didn't show much of its beautiful polychrome coloration, but it normally does have it. The flower is about 5" (recurved), is nicely branched and a tall one here at about 36".

Maryl, that's a great photo and combination with Treasure of the Southwest. Are you planning to replace yours?

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My T&E is also mostly in shade...

I can't tell you if more sun would change the color, but like many, differences in temperature and water-levels seem to really affect her color. I'd say more so than some others I grow. My only other polychromes are seedlings I am not ready to firmly label as such just yet, so I am not sure if as a group they exhibit that "more" or what.


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Love the color of Two Sues and Treasure! Integrated Logistics is a beauty, and my favorite is Clown Parade. Wanted to add it last year but was too late to order.

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My favorites are Mark Alan Carpenter and Temporary And Eternal. Those flowers look huge in your pics, and I love the colors. How big are the blooms on those two?


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Linda, MAC is a big bloom (6 inches, I'd guess) and is much prettier than shown here. The heavy rains really chewed it up. T&E is smaller, maybe 5".

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Maryl zone 7a

I got Treasures of the Southwest from the rust belt and they sent me an additonal gift with it - rust! Although TOTSW came down with only a mild case of it and survived the purge, it made me goosey. If I see it again from another more northerly rust free source I might replace it. The color was special............Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

Same here with the storms over the last 2 days.
Clown Parade is blooming here too and does such a great job of opening.

I like Mark Alan Carpenter even if it did get blasted by the storms.

Nice pics Chris.


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gonegardening(7 VA)

So many to like here. If I were still collecting, I think I'd be after Two Sues and Clown Parade. Aaron Brown used to be a hard one to acquire, so I'm happy to see several of you have it. It is pretty.

I really like Treasure of the Southwest. So much so that even though it resides in an area that I plan to start shutting down after bloom season, I will definitely move it elsewhere.

So happy to see Michigan blooms! More, more, more! Lol.

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