Stove pipe chimney question

harley121January 20, 2013

Has anyone ever constructed a temporary chimney??

I want to erect a "temporary" chimney just to try out a wood stove this winter. If the boss likes it I will erect a masonry one in the spring. My temporary one will consist of 8� of single wall pipe out of the house (through a 100% masonry wall), continuing on a 45 degree angle upwards for 10�, then make a 45 degree turn straight up for 12�, all will be 6" dia pipe. (SEE PIC). I�ve worked out all of the temporary steel supports and such, but I�m concerned that I may have draft issues due to a single wall pipe in the cold.

Should I insulate the exterior piping, or not? Has anyone done anything like this before? Any info is appreciated.

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VERY VERY UNSAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you the pros to help you out try this forum.

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One problem I'm having with a long chimney of single wall stovepipe is that the smoke cools to the point it drips (liquid smoke) out of the top where it makes quite a mess.

I am trying to heat a greenhouse with an old wood stove. The stovepipe travels about 25 feet from stove to chimney top. The whole length is single wall 8 inch pipe. There are a few bends in it (more than a pro would want). I don't have any problem with the draft, it pulls just fine but the amount of mess it makes at the far end makes me want to shorten the distance by half.

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trianglejohn, you can never have a single wall flue out side. If a fire starts in the flue you will burn down the house. Try the site out. there are alot of good people on there to help you out. They will help you with everything. Try them out.

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Hello. Your comment on a chimney fire has me concerned. I was thinking that a chimney fire usually happens when a chimney is loaded up w/ residue and such. With that said, since this will be in use for say 4 months tops- and I have all very well-seasoned hardwood, I would think that a chimney fire would not happen due to the lack of creosote buildup,, true? Also, are there other causes for chimney fires?
I believe that I can solve the draft problem w/ a draft fan connected to a switched thermostat. Just having the fan come on at a 250 degree temp of my inside stove pipe. But,, if there are other causes for a chimney fire to start- again I am inclined to scrap the entire thing.
Many thanks for your comments and concerns.
Thank you,,
Bob R

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