Growing Luna Hibiscus from Seeds ?

rachel5810July 8, 2006

I recently bought some of the burgandy shaded luna hibiscus (perinnial). I did manage to pollenate and get some seeds (much quicker than expected at only 3wks-1mth). I have planted them and got my first few to pop up in 3-4 days and have been getting a few more a day since.

I guess I would like to know if anyone has ever grown the Luna hibiscus before and what do I need to do next? I have several in 4" pots right now that I'm misting several times a day to help maintain humidity (being in Fl though it's pretty high already). When do I move them to bigger pots? Is there anything that will help them along a little more? When do I introduce direct sunlight? Also I have about 85 more seeds and plan to plant a few more, should I soak them?

Any help I can get or links to care I'd greatly appreciate. I'm a new gardner and I'm in no way a green thumb. I certainly didn't expect to get seeds, and was sure they wouldn't grow or that now I will kill them :)



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georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)

Hello Rachel, Fist thing I would stop misting the seedling as it promote mildew and various fungus. just keep the soil moist, but don't let it get to wet and let it dry out some between watering, but don't let it get to dry either.
Perennial hibiscus is prone to damp off and root rot. I get around this by using Hydrogen peroxide at a 3 to 1 mix three parts water to one part hydrogen peroxide. I would also keep the seedlings in the 4" pots till they are about a foot tall so that they have a good root system. I would also harden them off so that they can be put in the sunlight move them is a area that gets a little sun light then move then in a couple of days to a arear that gets more light. One thing about the seedlings is that they may not be the same as the parent plants, but the will still be very nice plants. Soaking the seeds before planting them will help the germinate I would at first soak them some in a mild solution of bleach water to kill any fugus and soften the seed coat, then rise the seeds and soak the seeds in a three to one hydrogen peroxide water mix this will help them germinate better and keep any fungus or mildew from forming on the seeds. Oh yes keep the seeds warm while they are soaking this will help them to germinate also. I hope that this is of some help and that you have good luck with them.
George W. Z5 mo.

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