What do you have more than one of 'cause you love it?

njmomma(z6 NJ)July 19, 2014

I have 2 Rue Madelaine and 2 Fairy Tale Pink because I love them. RM for it's dark color and fantastic clumps and FTP for it's perfect form and delicate color. I wanted more Russian Rhapsody but the ones I got in a trade are shorter and lighter than my original plant and I when I searched for pics online it seems this can be what it looks like but my original is tall and dark.

Anyway, just wondering. My gardens aren't huge so I don't have room for too many repeats otherwise I'd get another Dominic, Margo Reed Indeed, Beautiful Edgings, Ming Porcelain, and Rue Madelaine.

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i have going bananas because the yellow help tie other colors together and it blooms such a long time - also 3 clumps of strawberry candy because my wife likes it (what can I say) and just planted 2 of Cosmic Struggle by (Karol Emmerich) because she says that's one of her best and the purple goes great next to the yellowish apricot clumps in the back

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shive(6b TN)

I used to have a lot more duplicates, but downsizing and Old Man Winter have eliminated most of them. On BOGOs from Maryott, I used to plant one in the ground and one in a pot for hybridizing. I still have Inimitable and Levi Davis both in the ground and in a pot. Until this spring, I had two clumps of Ruby Lipstick and Annabelle's Blush, but sold the extras to make room for new daylilies. I like to divide my lates and spread them around. I currently have three clumps of Royal Jester and two clumps of Techny Peach Lace, although I'm pretty sure I'm getting rid of both clumps of Techny Peach Lace. Since it bouquet blooms, the show is over in three weeks, and I have much better performing lates now in the same color range (Kentucky Lucky, for example bloomed last year for almost 8 weeks). At one time I had three clumps of Westbourne Good Old Days. I kept dividing it because it was such a vigorous grower. Now I have two clumps, and plan to sell off the smaller one in the future.

If I were going to mass plant any of the daylilies I currently own, it would be Edge of Your Seat (because of the terrific repeat bloom) or Ruby Lipstick, which is well budded and usually throws a few reblooms scapes.


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I can't afford that :) Small yard. Right now I have two of Wild Horses. I planted the first and then one or two years later got one as a bonus. Bonus turned out in a better spot and blooms earlier and has more scapes. I probably should eliminate one but I just can't :)

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Julia NY(6)

I'm in the process of eliminating all double plantings and look-a-likes. Won't go down that path again.

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I have two of CAMEO GLASS. I bought the second because I'd thought I'd lost the first one. I also have three clumps of STELLA, which is pretty odd, because I've never bought it.

If I were to do mass plantings of daylilies, my first choice would be ditch lily/double kwanso/something like that in front of dark-leaved evergreens, lilke yews or boxwood. Or along the fence along the road. You see the latter everywhere around here, and it's very pretty, very much the rural country road look. But I especially like the tall orange blooms massed in front of glossy green foliage.

Unfortunately, my double kwanso is intermixed with a less vigorous daylily that I like much better. I think the former hitched a ride with the latter, when the seller dug the daylily for me. :(

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I have 2 Beautiful Edging now,and 2 Wonder of it all because of dividing the plants and I Love them,so will never get rid of them.May give my daughters some of them,as I can still see them when they bloom,if I want to see them.


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Maryl zone 7a

After this last winter in which I lost quite a few plants, I got nervous. I grow many of mine in pots and if the colder winters continue I don't want to chance loosing some of my beloved older, hard to find varieties. So after dividing this spring I now have additional pots of Yesterday Memories and Rose Masterpiece. I also duplicated Leslie Renee and Santa's Little Helper. I know that duplicating plants means I can't add as many new ones, but I don't ever want to be without some of my older ones......Maryl

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I have two Cerulean Warblers, both in a terrible place and will be moved this year. One will move to "prime real estate, and one to "reserve in case I lose the first." As certain lates increase, I may retain a few doubles.


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