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SwassomJuly 9, 2013

My aunt mailed me a "luna rose" hibiscus plant that was ALMOST dead when I got it...I've nursed it to health and it's thriving, but I live in MI and am wondering what to do with it in winter months during the below zero temps?!

It is currently about 2' high and has MULTIPLE blooms starting on it. It's in a pot at the moment on our patio. I keep finding conflicting info on whether or not I should plant in the ground or leave in pot and take in during winter months...anyone have experience and tips to share?

Thank you!

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Luna Rose is a perennial hibiscus hardy to zone 4 or 5 (different websites show different zones). What zone do you live in?

I have a perennial hibiscus named Kopper King and I live in Maine somewhere between zone 4 and 5. It comes back each year with no protective mulch. But it is very slow to make its appearance. Every year in early June, I'm poking and prodding it to see if it's still alive. (It dies back to the ground.) This year I was sure it was gone, but the next week was happy to see a shoot almost 6" high.

This year I plan to move it to an area of the yard that thaws the earliest in spring. With such a short growing season, the plants seems to be just starting its display of blooms when the sudden cold nights do it in.

According to the attached link, you can bring it inside for the winter, but I haven't tried this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Luna Rose

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