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lynnc_gardenerFebruary 13, 2008

fellow gardeners, i'm a magazine writer who is working on a story about keeping a root cellar. i live in Georgia, where the weather is pretty mild, and i can't find anyone local who has one. Would anyone be willing to do a short phone interview with me (I'd be glad to call at your convenience, or I'll give you my number, if you'd rather call me) for this story? If you'll let me know on this forum, I'll give you my email address for further information offline, and I'd also be glad to give you the name of the magazine so you can check out that this is legitimate.

thank you.

Lynn Coulter

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We have a great old stone root cellar that we use. I have lots of plans for more of it's use this upcoming fall season. It would be fantastic for photos! We only moved here this past October so don't have a lot in it this year, just potatoes, apples and cannas but will have an acre or two in veggies this summer. I have done a lot of reading and research into the subject as well.

You're welcome to interview me, but phone is difficult. We don't have a land line. Each one of us has our own cell and mine is pay as you go. Email is much better. Can it be done via chat at Gmail, etc?

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Thanks! I've found a possible photo source (a gardener in Iowa who has a cellar that's full of veggies at present), but i'd still like to do an interview. yes, email would be fine. If you'd like to drop me an email offline, my gmail address is I haven't begun doing interviews yet; we had to make sure we could find a photo source first. But i'd like to send you some email questions in a couple of months, if that's okay. my deadline for turning in the text is June 1, so we've got plenty of time on that.
Many thanks again!

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presmudjo(z9 Osceola FL)

I am in Florida and would like you to find out for your story just how far south you can find people who have used or still use a root cellar. I wouldn't imagine one could be used much south like in GA and FL, but with the way the economy is going, and how many people are trying to grow their own, me included... a southern idea might not be a bad thought to put out there. Hey some in South Carolina may find out they use to have them there, I have no idea, but would think it very interesting. OK, so maybe it is a second story for you. Happy hunting. My family use to have one, but that was in northern, not what they call upstate NY. But the house was built in the early 1800's. Totally expected. We used it up until the 1970's. Then the family all went different directions. Keep your postings up for a following on this web site. The more traffic, the more people will come back to read.
Joann aka
If you find a need I am
presmudjo @ pngusa . net
I've learned not to put it all in one for the spammers out there.

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