Hibiscus moscheutos cuttings ... indoors?

paul_(z5 MI)July 18, 2007

High folks,

Last month while at my folks' place up north, I cut back their 'Lord Baltimore' with the intent of making it bush out more. Figuring "what the heck", I brought the cuttings back to my place. Had them in water for a week or so then potted them up -- still rootless -- in a mix of top soil with lots of old bark & perlite [I was repotting a number of orchids & figured I'd try reusing the old mix.]

So far only one casualty, & I believe it was the result of the media drying out as I was gone for 4 days. The other potted stalks are still firm & green. Hopefully they'll take root.

My question is this:

If I am unable to make it back up to my folks before winter sets in [yes I know I still have several months til then, just don't know for certain if I'll have time to get back up there], can I over winter them indoors?

*NOTE: I live in an apt. If I don't make it back up there, there is no place for me to plant them & no I don't have an unheated garage or attic.*

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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

Hi Paul.
I overwintered Hardy Hibiscus Moscheutos several times inside the house.I did not put them to sleep, i let them grow.Put them at sunny window and watered a little just enough to keep the soil moist. After they started to grow fast i increased the amount of water and gave them some food.If you do not have sunny window,any window should be ok.i think.

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