bare branches on tree

lucy9999July 8, 2007

I have a hibiscus tree red blooms dont know what kind it is I had it in a pot and was doing fine. I decided to plant it in the ground in April,, it started with yellow leaves then I guess it got over the shock and now it has green leaves. My problem is that I only see new growth on the front of the tree and the back of it has some bare branches. They dont seem to be dry becasue I tried to bend one and it did not break. Are they dead? should I cut them off. I also see some leaves growing on the bottom part of the main stalk. Should I just cut them off to keep the form of the tree and not let is branch out from the bottom? I dont know what to do to make it nice and full all around like I initially bought it. Any help would be appreciated.

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I usually prune in the Spring to maintain the dwarf shape and regularly remove small growths throughout the summer. Be sure to topdress with compost and maintain two to four inches of mulch -- not touching the trunk. I fertilize monthly during the growing season. Good luck.

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