Wilting leaves on Hibiscus

christy2828(8a)July 19, 2010

I recently moved to S. Florida and bought a "tree" variety of a red flowering Hibiscus. Just your HD basic variety. It was healthy but unusually cold this winter and it got a late start. I put it in a large deep container and it gets good afternoon sun (could have more). It always has buds on it and I kept thinking it would bloom like crazy but I rarely get several flowers at a time. Now the leaves are always droopy. I thought it might need a good feeding and did so. It had about 7 good blooms about a week later, but they were so heavy for the plant they faced down and the leaves are still so droopy. They aren't yellowed or black and dying, and have gotten ample watering. I don't think too much or too little water is the problem. I can't figure out why the leaves are drooping! If it needs more sun? I can move it!! Any thoughts please??? Thanks!! Christy :)

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Hmm...it is starting to bounce back. Maybe I'll just leave it alone!! Thanks, Christy

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