Rose of Sharon Cuttings

greattigerdane(z5NY)August 4, 2010


I have three 7" or so cuttings (white with red center rooting (hopefully) in a small pot of vermiculite that's covered with an upside down glass vase for higher humidity right in a window that faces north. So far they are healthy, bouncy and very green!

I didn't know you could take cuttings, only seeds I thought, or I would have done this earlier in the season.

With that said, if they all root, I was going to keep them in my semi heated garage (55 degrees) and pot them up individually in the spring and plant them outdoors.

Do you think they will do ok in my garage until spring?

Will being in a cool 55 degree, "lowest" 50 degree garage still cause the leaves to drop like they do in late fall through the winter?

Thanks for any help!

Billy Rae

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I planted mine last summer and left them out through our Winter season which got down to freezing and they did fine. I lost some but not all of the leaves. I just dipped them into root tone and planted them, just keeping the soil moist with plain potting soil.

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I did plant one cutting in a shady area with good draining soil in the back part of my garden and it was fine for a few days, then it starting getting soft leaves and drooping, even after it was well watered.

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I have had them lose all their leaves so I wouldn't give up on that one yet. I did keep them in pots until this spring before transplanting. The fun is in learning what all you can do to produce more beautiful plants

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Will Rose of Sharon survive cold, Canadian winters, zone 5b, which is about zone 5 for US, I think. I haven't seen any around here, but Holyhocks (quite another plant) grows well.


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Nancy, Rose of Sharon are hardy to zone 5.

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