Wood Burning Stove in Trailer Home

goneriding(z7 Oklahoma)February 19, 2005

Any suggestions on how to make this successful and not expensive? Our propane bill is out of control and a wood stove would be perfect. I have the stove just need tips and/or advice.


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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

My first suggestion would be to call your insurance agent before you do it.

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if you don't have the pipe already look in your local paper or thrifty nickel. the stove pipe is really expensive. or you could call your local wood stove dealer and see if they know of anybody who wants to get rid of their old stove pipe.
don't use galvenized steel though. it will fill your house with poisonous fumes. make sure when you fire proof the wall use tazrock (i don't think that's the right way to say that, go to your local hardware store they'll know what it is.) it's basically a thin sheet of concrete to fire proof your wall.and put tile or rock over that. you could walk around your property and find rocks to make it cheaper. and of course cut your own wood. if you don't have a chain saw, ask a friend who has one if they want to cut wood w/ you or see if you can borrow one from somebody. some stores that rent tools will probably have chainsaws to rent. good luck

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I don't know how much help I can be, but I love our wood burning stove and it does help hold down cost. Where are you in Oklahoma. We are out by Guthrie. What kinda ?'s do you got on the wood stove?

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goneriding(z7 Oklahoma)

We are in Indianola and the propane costs are extrodinary. Basically, we already have the stove and the rocks for the backing, however, the piping is so expensive. I am hoping that there may be some cost saving ideas or maybe someone has ideas on how to make this successful.


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My husband built our wood stove and hooked it up into our heat ducts he also poured a concrete slab for it to sit on (in the house)he added some decorative blocks just for looks. Being you are in a mobile home I'd check to see how good of flooring you have before pouring concrete. Yes the piping is expensive we picked ours up at ace hardware the single wall part and then went to okc for the triple wall part this is what goes in the attic part. We did have a mobile home at one time and as a temparory solution we put the piping out a window but I can't remember what we used around the pipe to keep it from catching fire. Without proper piping it can be dangerous. I like the triple wall piping in the attic it makes me feel safer. Just remember once you paid for that triple wall piping it lasts for YEARS. We still have a tank full of propane we haven't used in years. Do you have enough resource for wood? Do you already own a chainsaw? Does hubby like cutting wood? We get our wood from our own place and from neighbor farmers that wants trees cut down but we have to pile up the brush as we go (courtsey). Hope this may help a little.

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oh please please please don't use single wall pipe in your trailer. i know you have the rock to go behind it, but trailer walls are paper thin instantaneous combustion waiting to happen

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Get the specs needed for woodstoves availale at any insuance agent- whether you are getting insurance or not. There are woodstoves graded for mobiles, it's a square footage thing.
My stove was $1400 Canadian, compared to last seasons $300/month just for propane. Get a reasonable one and install it right and it's paid off first year- if you get free wood.

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groman(z7 Tn)

If gas is expensive and sure it is so can wood and insurance be also and if you have insurance make sure you let them know because surely there is a clause somewhere which will void your claim if you use wood heat in a trailer ,not a known fact but be sure.You can find a safe triple wall pipe for a trailer in the range of $20 - $40 a foot well under $300 if you do the job,only safe way.

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Listen, I love antiques, i have a beautiful wood stove in my trailer ( AS DECORATION) you have to think safety first, it only takes about 8 minutes to loose everything you have in a trailer fire. thanx hillbily

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Every year around here several mobile homes burn to the ground because of their wood stove.

There are wood stoves made specifically for mobile homes. Be sure the wood stove you use is rated for a mobile home, and install it to code. I'd have the county inspect the installation, to be safe.

Dimensions for installation should be on a label attached to the wood stove. If the stove is not permitted and inspected, your insurance probably won't cover it.

Be extra careful about fire proofing the floor and the wall behind the stove.

Be careful with used stove pipe. If it has had a chimney fire inside the pipe, the pipe is damaged and you should not purchase it.

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