hibiscus flowers strangely developing HELP

jardinerowaAugust 3, 2010


I live in the desert and have a small hibiscus in a 15" pot outside that gets morning sun. The leaves are fine and growing and I was exciting when flower buds arrived but now disappointed.

Here's what happens: The buds grow and the calices edges start opening slightly while the actual flower bud is still extremely small. The flower bud gets bigger and bigger the calices edges by this time are drying up. Finally when it looks like it about to open, the flower bud turns death purple and dies. This must be some water/nutrient problem!

Also, I'm wnodering if I'm watering too much or not enough. I planted it in this pot a couple months ago so I would say that it is only semi-established so I don't want to overwater and have it get rot. How far down should it be dry before I water it again...1 in? 2 in? index finger length?

Thanks all!!


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