Chicken Broth - I forgot the salt

Tracy93(6)May 12, 2012

Do I have to add salt and reprocess it or will it be okay? The broth is my second attempt at canning. The first was potatoes. I remembered the salt for those but used the wrong type of potato. There is a small learning curve to canning for sure.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

It will be fine. You'll just have unsalted broth, but no safety issues.

You're right about the learning curve, but you'll get there. Try not to do too much at once.


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Thank you!
I only did 8 pints of potatoes and 3 quarts of broth. I had bought a whole cut up chicken for dinner and had the back, neck, wings, and gizzards left so I threw them into a pot along with a large container of frozen chicken broth from about 2 weeks ago. I added some more water and vegetables, simmered for 3 hours then cooled in fridge overnight for the fat to form. I skimmed the fat, then reboiled it and strained it before putting it in the jars to process. I rarely salt anything until I'm done cooking it - that is why I forgot it.

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I agree. Salt is really only for flavor in this case, not part of the preservation.

You're fine.


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