hibiscus stopped flowering

plantrookie(6a CAN)August 22, 2005

After moving into a new place, our hibiscus was placed in a full sun, south-facing location after being in a west-facing location (with periodic shade) for the first couple months of the summer. It was blooming really well with nice pink blooms for most of that time until the move.

It has been over two weeks and all that has happened so far is some leaves have turned yellow and fallen off. Even some premature blooms fell off. Since then, it has shown no signs of blooming, yet there has been new leaf growth.

Is it just because of the change in heat and light? Will it eventually come around? That would be my guess, but I thought I would ask anyways.

FYI, last summer it also spent most of its time in a full sun, south-facing location and did very well, but actually had white blooms instead of pink.

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

Hibiscus are a bit of drama queens - they act up if things don't go just their way...such as moving.
Your plant, as you suspected, will be fine. Since it is in a different heat and light location, it may take longer than usual to recover, i.e. more than a few weeks.
That is very interesting about the bloom color changing, although I think I have heard of that happening. Tre' cool!

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plantrookie(6a CAN)

I see...sounds alot like the wife...hahahahahaha....just kidding....thanks for the reassurance

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