Question about transplanting thyme & oregano

raisemybeds(SouthernCT)May 4, 2009

Hello all - I have a mature thyme plant that has been coming back for me in a gallonish container for about 4 years now. Also a similarly potted oregano. Both look great, but I suspect they are seriously rootbound by this time. I have always top dressed them with compost as the season begins. Right now I have a whiskey barrel planter available and would like to transplant one or both of them into that and let it be their forever home. Will they do better in the larger barrel? Can both of them occupy the same barrel, or is there any complication from that? Thanks.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Because they both can produce seeds, you may get over crowding even in a bigger planter. My thyme does quite well next to my greenhouse and planted directly in the soil. It was originally started from seeds. I have three bushy plants of it now and all have returned to a bright green color after a cold winter and slight dormency. Oregano can also produce seeds and a few can survive and grow, so the planter may get over crowded. I think both are in the same herb family, so there should be no competition between the two.

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If they both look great, why rock the boat?

Some plants like to be crowded, and the drainage in the pots must be just as they like it.

Maybe you are clipping them enough to keep them happy with what they have.

I personally have never had much luck repotting herbs, so I am biased, as you can see.

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