Will rose of sharon arden's blue, grow true from seed?

littleonefbAugust 25, 2005

I planted some Rose of Sharon Arden's blue from seed. All 6 seeds germinated. Does anyone know if it will bloom true to the orignal plant and how long does it take from seed before a rose of sharon will bloom? I read on line that it is considered a sterile plant because it makes so few seeds.

I got 29 seeds out of a total of seed pods, so it sure doesn't make many, but it does make some.

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bruggirl100(z9 FL)

Probably not, since it's a hybrid, but it's worth a shot. Even the species type can vary when grown from seed. My mother had an old timey purple, and it had white, white with red eye, and pink seedlings come up around it.

Anyway, you'll get something very pretty!

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Thanks bruggirl100 for the info. The seedlings are about 10 inches tall now. Any idea how long it will take till they flower?

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bruggirl100(z9 FL)

They should flower next year. Hibiscus usually flower within the first year, but you might not want to plant them into the ground in your zone until they are two years old. I know in colder climates, they won't even sell hardy hibiscus until they are two years old, because they won't survive the winter.

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Too late about the planting. I put 2 seedlings in the ground in the spring. They seem to be doing fine,about 8 inches tall, though the leaves are starting to yellow a little. My friend took the other 4 and she planted them too, in the spring. Hopefully they will survive the winter.
I really gon't have a place keep them inside over the winter.
I have a disco/southern belle that I seeded outside a year ago. It didn't bloom the first year, but this year it has bloomed 22 beautiful pink flowers with a burgundy center and is full of seed pods. I have 8 hardy dinnerplate hibiscus that I WS this year. they only grew about 12-18 inches. Look quite healthy, but no blooms. Is that because they are perennials and won't bloom till next year?
Oh yes, I have 2 in the front yard planted next to each other, 2 different types. One of them, the leaves look fine detailed lace, they have been so eaten by some kind of insect, the other one is fine. seems really strange.

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