Rose of sharon won't bloom

wqcustom(z7b NC)August 15, 2005

Anyone know why my rose of sharon won't bloom? It is about 4 ft tall, and is loaded with buds that look like they are about to open, but they don't. This is the 2nd year it has done this. Last year I thought maybe it was still getting established, so I didn't think much of it, but now that it's doing it again this year, I think it must not be happy with something. The tree looks healthy overall. Thanks for any info.


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Are you fertilizing?? Is shrub getting enough sun? My Rose of Sharon is all budded up also and so far only a very few blooms. Same last year. I am going to transplant to a sunnier area and fertilize. Did not realize until I read entries in this forum that Rose of Sharon needs to be on a regular fertilizer schedule!!

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wqcustom(z7b NC)

It's definately in full sun, so maybe I'll start to hit it with some regular fertilizer. Thanks for the tip.

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All mine come in full bloom every year in full sun. Don't ever fertilize them, and never had problems.

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I am having the exact same problem and it is the second year for this. Some of the buds just barely start to open and then nothing. Last year I watched the buds just drop off having never opened - very annoying. I fertilized this year and so far no difference. I did notice some very small (smaller than a grain of rice) white fuzz on a few of the buds and I'm wondering if they are being attacked by something... Sorry this isn't much help... I'm thinking of taking one of the buds with the white to a nursery to see if they can help me identify the problem.

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tina1217(9 FL)

The bud drop could be caused by gall midge. Place some buds in a sealable plastic bag. After a day or two, you may see the very small yellowish worm-like larva on the plastic. Control the midge affecting buds with Orthene sprays as needed. Hope this helps.

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