How to clear some new land

flrichMarch 15, 2007

Gosh.. having trouble posting messages. So I'll keep this one short since I just lost my last one that explained all well. Think it's the URL link!

Dense woods, mostly rolling with some steep slopes and a couple of 20-30 foot cliffs. 2 creeks and maybe 1 acre of clear flat land. I want to start clearing the land so I can use it for planting and some recreational areas. Plan on a few 60in wide ATV paths so I can get tools and supplies closer to my target areas and maybe even 2 paths cleared by a dozer so I can get a pick up truck or dump truck in for gravel and dirt for grading some planting fields.

Most of the land is pine 8-10 years away from harvest and a LOT of vines, 2 inch sapplings and thicket brush waist high! I know I have to do it by hand but what are my best tools to clear a ATV path, once I do that I can bring in some power tools to do thinning of the trees, and possibly even a small bobcat to grade and level. Once it's graded and leveled then I can bring in a rental tractor to till or I may even buy some attachments for the ATV to keep the land in shape. The one road you see on the web site has been cut off from the rest of my land. Seems the neighbor was using the road entrance for himself for years, when the land got sold he cut the road off at his survey markers. Part that stinks is that the road becomes ours again about 50 yards down so we lost truck access to the back side. Once I can get an ATV back there I'll be sure to return the favor with some 4in steel posts filled with concrete so he can't use the rest of the road that belongs to us.

Here are some photos of the property.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our new land

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Wish I could help. You seem to know better than I! One piece of advice I can give is to think long and hard before doing anything provocative with a neighbor, even if you are right.

"The discretion of a man makes him slow to anger, And his glory is to overlook a transgression." Proverbs 19:11

You might consider a neighborly visit first. Probably, his gripe was with the one who sold the land, more than you, who he has never met.

Tahlequah, OK

PS. Looks like a great piece of land! How many acres do you have?

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you can clear brush by letting goats eat it . roots can be removed with a grub hoe and grub ax .

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

as far as the road goes, i know for a fact that in my part of the country you HAVE to allow the owner of any property teh road connects to have access to ALL parts of his property the road reachs. a hunting club we were in years ago was located about 9 miles off the public road. the logging trail we used to get there crossed another hunting club. they put up gates and even booby traps to stop us traveling it. a couple meetings between us, them, and the local law was all it took for them to understand that you CANNOT cut off access to someone's property.

at our office we own 3 lots. there is a right of way running down the side of the first 2 so that the 3rd lot can have street access. when we put a fence the city did not want to allow us to fence in the ROW, even though WE owned the rear lot. we finally got approval by stipulating that if we ever sold the rear lot we would remove the fence and honor the ROW.

this applies to you as well as him. have a talk with him, tell him either give you access thru his property or build his own road on the other side of the line. either way you win.

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