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cuppers_2005March 6, 2007

About two years ago my daughter got a chicken (Bantam we think) from her boyfriend, for Easter and like any other teenager she didn't want it after awhile so now I have a chicken that I truly love, but need some help. My first question is I feed her table food like grapes and green beans and so on, as well as her chicken food is this ok? And the other week she seemed like she was sick so we took her to the vet they put her on Baytril said she had a bacterial infection because her stool was dark, mind you the vet I went to wasn't a chicken vet, I don't even know if there is a chicken vet, what would make her stool dark? And last question she layed two eggs in less then a hour and one was hard and one was soft, but she hadnÂt layed one in a couple of days is this normal? Any help that any could give me would be great help tthanks

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Two eggs is normal. It happens from time to time. The softer shelled egg will harden up. If you'd left it on the sideboard while it hardened it would have had a flat side. Is she starting to lay after taking a break?

Stool color fluctuates with what she's eaten. It is alright to give her things like fruits and vegetables. She'd eat those on her own if she were out foraging for food. I don't know if dark stool is actually a sign of infection. Maybe someone else will know.

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Hey Cuppers,

They do make good pets, don't they?!

Just one more suggestion. Next time, before going to the vet, you might check at the feed store if they have any advice. Often times those folks will give you as good or better advice than a non specialized vet.

Tahlequah, OK

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I think you will like reading my fact filled blog

Here is a link that might be useful: Chicken Talk With Rooster Shamblin

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