dill turning yellow, dying

TansyJane(7)May 30, 2005

I bought a 4" pot of dill at my garden center about a month ago, and planted it against my fence where it gets about 2-3 hrs of late morning sun, then a few hours of shade, then another 3-4 hours of late afternoon sun. Since I've planted it, it hasn't grown much (if at all) and now it is turning yellow. I kept it watered when I first planted it, but we've had a few rains since then so I've only occassionally watered it since then. I've checked for aphids and found none. The only thing I can think of to do is to move it to a sunnier location -- does this make sense? Thanks!

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yeah... it doesn't need much water... it grows wild in fields around here... It would probably be okay with the sun it's getting, of course it COULD use more....It might be the shock also... but I'd cut back to watering a lot less.... maybe once a week if it doesn't rain.

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Tampa_Terry(Zone 10 (FL))

I've got some dill (a small amount in a larger pot, along with a few other herbs). It seems like such a delicate herb and tends to want to "recline" rather than standing tall. Is that dill's natural tendency, or is it fragile from being repotted and trying to aclimate?

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Dill resents being transplanted. It might be in sulking mode. Give it a little more time and it might rebound okay. Let this dill seed itself and you will have volunteers next year.

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

I planted my wintersown Mammoth Dill (3 seedlings) out in mid April and even those tiny seedlings sulked but picked back up within a few days. They are currently about 12" tall but getting some distortions and curling on a few branches due to the Green Peach Aphids. Plants are in a south/west sun exposed bed recieving pleny of sun. I'm assuming they are acting as a trap crop near my tomatoes (something I just read they do). When the numbers get a little high (so many aphids per section) I spray with a soap/water mix in the morning...I'd usually blast aphids with a hose but the fragile plants would likely be flattened! This was not my intention, but I think I'd rather they did than attack my first-to-me-growing tomatoes :)


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what do you mean a trap crop? my dill looks like it has pretty much died. we have had alot of rain this year

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kland(Z8 GA)

I have my dill in a nice big pot with free draining soil. It is in partial shade with only a few hours of sun each day. I ensure that I fertilize it regulary with a water soluable fertilizer and its amazing. In fact I have to keep it cut back so it won't go to seed to early. I would feed it and make sure your soil is not too heavy. I would cut back most of the leaves so it can re-shoot.
Good Luck

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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

Well it could be the amount of rain in your case..
A trap crop is a term used for certain plants that are used as a sacrifice plant...used to trap pests that would otherwise attack the crop you plan to harvest, etc. My Dill planted among my tomatoes is acting as a trap crop...I was unaware of Dill doing this until I got online and did a little research after they were attacked. Nasturtium is another one that can trap aphids, Marigold repels, Chives can either attract or repel...etc.


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Thank you. I had to pull mine out this weekend it turned brown and mushy. I may try again in a pot this time it case the rain continues.

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karen_b(6a s.c. PA)

I learned an interesting fact about dill while researching fennel. Do not plant dill near fennel. Do you have fennel in your garden that may be near the dill. I had planted dill within 2 feet of the fennel and it's doing ok but nothing spectacular. I'm going to have to transplant it hopefully that shock isn't worse than the fennel. No explanation was given why.


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Vera_EWASH(z5 EasternWA)

....something about Fennel being antagonistic to Dill is all I've ever heard. Also just learned...just a little late tho!...that Dill can cause Tomato to do poorly...thank goodness only 1 of my tom's is planted rather close to the dill...come to think of it...this Tom is much smaller than the rest of them! A lesson learned for next year :)


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I recently noticed that my dill hasn't been doing so well. I bought it several weeks ago and planted it the very next day. NOW IT'S TURNING BROWN! I may be over-dramatic, but it was doing fine until now. I don't know what to do about it. I really love my dill, so please help.

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I thought dill and fennel shouldn't be planted near each other just because they cross pollinate.

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