Can you make mint and citrus extracts by juicing and dehydrating?

eco-peruMarch 19, 2014

I couldn't find any resources online but I want to make "raw" mint and citrus essential oils by juicing the mint and peels first than dehydrating it in my excalibur at 105-110 degrees fht, does anybody know if this would work well?

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beesneeds(zone 6)

I don't think it would work. Dehydrating isn't really extracting.

What you can do... steep your mint leaves or orange peels in vodka for a few weeks. Then remove the solids. Then freeze the vodka and the oil and vodka will separate, leaving you with a vodka layer and an oil layer. This is technically a tincture and not essential oil.

For proper essential oil, you have to distill it.

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