Seedling syriacus - Blue Flowers

gardener365(5b Illinois USA)August 5, 2014

Just curious how many of you have had success from seed getting plants with blue flowers. I planted about a decade ago a 'Bluebird' and gave seeds to my Mom and she has not 1 but 2 with blue flowers. On each side of my Bluebird are/were (2) 'Helene'. I've since moved so I no-longer have them but am quite surprised she managed to get two blue flowering seedlings. I possibly grew 100 seedlings from Bluebird and 100% were white or pink. Thanks. Dax

This is from a 6' tall seedling - both are seedlings & the other is for contrast:

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

From the same plant:

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Wow, That one flower is really blue.
The bluest flower of ROS I ever had was Blue Satin.
It looked like the real blue one you have.
Thanks for sharing pic.

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I have had mixed success with bluebird giving rise to true "blue" from seed. However, I have gotten a few white, some pink, and about 40% of my seeds give rise to true blue birds again.

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