Canning Ghosts? BWB? Pressure Canner? Low Acid?

denninmi(8a)May 22, 2012

LOL -- I know this is a silly, off topic post! So, bear with me.

The DJ's on a local radio station, Mix 96.7 FM Windsor-Tecumseh, Ontario, were discussing one of the DJ's new project, a flower garden. Somehow, the discussion turned to vegetable gardening, harvesting, canning, and the DJ with the new flower garden mentioned it was something she would like to learn. The other DJ commented that, a few years ago, someone tried to sell a "Ghost" in a canning jar on Ebay for thousands of dollars.

Had to google it -- it's true! Someone tried to sell a "ghost" in a mason jar for over $50,000. Of course, the transaction was never finalized as the buyer backed out. Pretty funny.

I instantly thought of the Harvest forum. If anyone would know how to properly can ghosts, the regulars here would!

So, when canning your ghosts, do you do a boiling water bath? Or, is it a low acid food, and do you need to use a pressure canner? How can you prepare ghost -- pickled, made into sauce? Do you can ghosts whole, or cut them into pieces or slices?

LOL, it was funny and it made my day.

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Here's the canned ghost. I'm sure we here could do a much better presentation than the one in the image!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ghost in a canning jar, only $51K on Ebay

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At least density shouldn't be an issue!

Hmm, what about djinn? If you can put one in a lamp, why not a canning jar?

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Well, that would work, too, I guess. Barbara Eden was trapped in that lamp for 2000 years until Larry Hagman let her out, don't you know?

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

And here I thought you had questions about ghost PEPPERS!

This is much funnier! :)


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

All my ghosts are so old that while there isn't much meat left on their bones they still require pressure canning just to tenderize them.


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