Potting Mix for Tropical Hibiscus

alameda/zone 8August 31, 2013

It is time to repot some of my tropical hibiscus. I have been planting them in a mix I get from a local company by the truckload - it is an excellent mix of bark fines, sand, aged mushroom compost. I also grow roses and have lately been experimenting with mixes for the young roses I grow as "bands". I raise horses so have plenty of composted aged manure, also have bags of dehydrated manure, perlite, vermiculite, Miracle Gro potting soil [regular and Moisture Mix] and peat moss. I would be interested in knowing why type soil hibiscus like. My potted ones are all doing very well - would just like to tweak the mix a bit to possibly improve it when I repot. Thanks for any advice.

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Feel free to email me regarding the mix I am currently using. Seems to do well with all my tropical hibs.

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I received your email, but you used the form and I am unable to reply back. Feel free to email directly if you are comfortable.

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