Moving Hisbiscus

peewee_2008August 6, 2008

I have a lovely 6ft tall Pink Hisbiscus which started out

as a twig about 4-5 years ago. At the moment it is facing

south-west. Because it has other shrubs around it it cannot

be seen fully and I want to move it. Can anyone please advise best how to? Also I want to plant some shrubs against a north facing trellis if anyone again can help.

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What is your lowest temps in the winter time?
Hibiscus is usually tropical.
What kind of plant is it?
Does it die down in the winter and grow back in the summer?
You said it was 6 feet tall.
I wouldn't move it, I would move the other shrubs so you can see it. It has been planted quite a while and has established a good root system by now.
You may kill it, UNLESS it is a Rose of Sharon, which is a shrub in the hibiscus family and is cold hardy, which then in that case, I would move it to where ever you want, but do it now, before the weather gets too cold. Give it time to grow in for the winter.
GOod Luck, sorry I was a little vague, but I don't know what kind of hibiscus you are talking about.

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