favorite hardy hibiscus?

cnetter(z5 Co)August 31, 2005

Now that my hardy hibiscus are finally blooming, I find I want more.

Right now, Fireball is putting on a show with vivid red blooms. Yesterday, Eruption was blooming with its incredibly gaudy hot pink. I'm waiting for Kopper King, Fantasia and Dreamcatcher to open up.

What are your favorites?

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iloveflowers4IA(z4 IA)

It sounds like you have lots of hibiscus growing. My Kopper King has just finished blooming....beautiful flowers. I also enjoy my red dinnerplate hibiscus's. My Lord Baltimore is still blooming.. started in mid July. I have been experimenting with cross pollinating my hibiscus's. I produced a hibiscus that looks like a texas star. If you have any spare seeds.. I'd be interested in trading seeds or sending a stamped self addressed letter.

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I don't think I could decide which hardy hibiscus I like the most. Initially I went for the more 'gentile' ones like 'Turn of the Century', 'Disco Belle Pink' and 'Old Yella', but now I'm getting into the big and gaudy ones like Fireball.
The only hibiscus that I have that seem to produce seeds are Disco Belle Pink, Old Yella and Plum Crazy... I'm going to try planting some this spring to see what kind of flowers they produce (I'm guessing they crossed between themselves-so with Kopper King, Disco Belle Red, Fantasia, Luna Red, Southern Belle and Crystal Red-it could be interesting).

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How could you choose? I love them all. My lord baltimore has been blooming since late july covered in blooms everyday! It is about 8 foot tall and the pride of my gardens. I have found myself very adicted to the Flemming seies of hibiscus and am trying to collect them all. I moved my texas star hoping it may like its new location better. Would love to have some seed of plumb crazy & fantasia, or any from the Flemming seies if anyone has any to trade. I have tons of lord baltimore and some very dark pinky burgundy . Just got cuttings of several I am sure hoping that they root .

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marquest(z5 PA)

I only have one so it is easy to choose 'Disco Belle Pink' . I wish they could develop a some hardy ones that are yellow or orange. It gets boring with white, red and pinks for us snow bunnies.

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bruggirl100(z9 FL)

I don't have any of the named varieties, so I'll just say I love them all. Of course, if anyone would like to share seeds of named varieties, I'm willing to try them. ;)

Oops! I take that back! I have the Luna Blush, which is in bud now, and the Luna Red, which hasn't bloomed yet.

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fanny(Z4 OR)

What is the best way to start Hardy Hibiscus seeds?

We arrived here in Zone 4-Oregon in early spring. I direct sowed HH seeds (from Parks) in mid-summer. My husband neglected to tell me he had used weed n feed in that area...not one came up.

Can anyone recommend the 'starts' that were available last year for HH/s?

Can Hibiscus plants be fall-planted to advantage?

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