Colorful BLOOMS today.....................................:)

deangreen(7b OK)July 2, 2014

The photos above show Siloam Rhinestone (P Henry 2003) one my favorites!!, next A Day at the Peach yes, again, and Party Array (Branch 1956)

the photos above show my coral double seedling, and then Midnight Smoke Rings, and Baby Dragon's Tongue (Blanton 2009).

Below are photos of FFO on Marama (Mahieu-Burris 2007) today!! worth the wait. and next is Jason Salter, and a nice clump of Siloam Sunburst (P Henry 1977). ÃÂ We have the old and new today!

I was up on the roof putting a flag up and took this photo of the north bed, gives one a different perspective on the garden. ÃÂ the last photo is the little space between my neighbor on the south and me. A new bed is going in around that Vitex our front!! ha

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Siloam Rhinestone is spectacular. The color and watermark are perfect.

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shive(6b TN)

You gotta love that Siloam Rhinestone with its bright, saturated color. I love the photo you took from the roof. Your garden is just overflowing with color and wonderful textures!


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Julia NY(6)

Another great group. Siloam Rhinstone is a stunner but all of them are lovely.
Nice shots of your gardens.


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They are all pretty, and I like the coneflowers with Worth the Wait, but siloam Rhinestone is gorgeous!

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It looks as though you too have to deal with a small yard. What cannas are you growing?

Show us more of Marama. Siloam Sunburst seems like an oldie gem. Was unaware of it before. Your seedling is opulent and brilliant. (But it looks a bit short.)

Siloam Rhinestone is a bitone?

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deangreen(7b OK)

thanks all. I always wonder, there must be a "method to the madness" that is my north bed. ha but I like to think I keep enough perennials in there so that it's not just a bed of daylilies, then when there gone nothing...thus the mix up.
I DO like S. Rhinestone with the clear color and watermark. I've been trying to cross it back to its seedlings to get something lighter pink or red with the same light mark. blah blah. This has been a pretty fun summer with all the rain. lots of rebloom on stuff. and its almost the 4th! usually by this time it's about watering stuff for survival and the last of the daylilies. ha

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

well, I am not feling very good tonight, and I don't want to backtrack to find the name, so I will just say,I love that first one, gorgeous,and I really like the shots taken on the roof. you have lots of nice colors today. very pretty ones.


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