Do I need to bring it indoors over winter? pic

njmomma(z6 NJ)August 13, 2009

I just bought a hardy hibiscus (marsh mallow) wrongly labeled as a red one (Lord Baltimore?) but is a medium pink. The person working at the nursery said it's a perennial hibiscus and will come back next year.

I'm in NJ, zone 6 and it does get below freezing in the winter.

Should I believe her or should I bring it indoors over the winter?

Also, how long does each bloom last?

Thanks so much and any other info. you have for its' care would be great. I'm used to daylilies and other perennials but this is my first hibiscus.

Here is a pic of its' first bloom today.

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no You can leave it outside. It will die off then come spring it will start coming back. they are fast growers. If you drive around I will bet you will see them in peoples yards blooming now. When it dies off you can cut it back also.

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i have one also, and it has gone through 2 winters here. sandy pond,ny. but it is also a late bloomer so be patent. it will come back

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