Planting adequate????

windrider1967March 1, 2011

I am in the process of setting up our garden co-op, it is myself and 2 other families. 4 adults and 6 kids. Wondering if the following planting should be adequate.

Planting list:

5x40 - 3 sisters - corn, zukes, pole beans (zukes at 5 ft spacing, corn and beans at 1 ft throughout)

1x40 - Peas 4 rows double trellis

1x20 - spinach 4 rows 3 in spacing

1x20 - onions 2 rows 6 in spacing

2x20 - head Lettuce 2 rows 12 in

2x20 cabbage 1 row center

2x20 leaf lettuce

2x20 collards

4x20 tomatoes 2 rows 2 ft spacing

4x20 peppers 2 rows 2 ft spacing

2x40 broccoli 1 row center 2 ft

3x40 cukes 1 row 3 ft spacing

5x40 butternut 1 row 5 ft spacing

3x40 honeydew 1 row 3 ft spacing

4x40 cantalope 1 row 4 ft spacing

5x40 watermelon 1 row 5 ft spacing

I also have 18 everbearing strawberries started, approx 40 garlic started and am planning a full herb garden.

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I think several seed companies, such as Johnnys and Territorial have info on their websites and calculators to determine how much of what to plant per person. I would always plant more rather than less, especially if you preserve your crops by freezing, canning, or drying. You can always put up a little more than normally needed. You can also give away excess to needy neighbors or to a food bank.

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