Rose of Sharon in the winter

lamconAugust 28, 2006

Hi there,

We planted a new Rose of Sharon in our front yard this year. It's currently 3 feet tall. It says it gets to 10-12 feet. So my question is do I leave this in the ground, cut it back, dig it out for the winter or what? I'm guessing I can leave it in the ground, but we wanted to be sure. Thanks!

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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

The plant can be left in the ground.Do not cut it back as Rose of Sharon is a shrub.Because this will be its first winter,it should be protected against frost and wind.I wrap mine with burlup(protective fabric sold in garden centers.)
and i mulched it with a thick layer of leafes after first frost.Hope it will help.Good luck!

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I agree with halaeva, I did the same thing last fall with my new Rose of Sharon. I bought it at a yard sale for 75 cents and it was only about a foot tall. I layed down newspaper and mulched it with straw. It did great this winter and is now almost 6 feet tall and full of pale purple blooms. If you cut it back you are cutting back the growth that your blooms come out on because it blooms off this years new growth. Most people reccomend pruning in late winter. You can fertilize it in the spring and summer but be careful not to overwater it. Good Luck! P.S. Does anybody have a idea what a pale purple Rose of Sharon with a dark pink inside might be called?

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jperilloux(8b LA)

This one is Hibiscus syriacus 'Minerva'

Here is a link that might be useful: Hibiscus syriacus 'Minerva'

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