Fig rust!

slopfrogJune 22, 2012

Am I the only one who struggles mightily with fig rust and other fungal infections of figs? My black mission has lost half it's leaves in the past week. I can literally see this stuff growing underneath blue copper residue!

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You do not struggle alone - my Kadota does a 'rusty molt' at least once a year, sometimes twice. Spraying didn't seem to affect the process, so I gave up, preparing myself for it's demise. It seems healthier than ever now, and I even had seven little figs appear that I vowed to protect to maturity the instant they became more than hard green marbles. Well, something got the marbles.
Come fall, we will dig up the Kadota, which has grown out of and through it's original container. I think I'd like to put it into a much larger container until it can be taken to the farm and a permanent home.
BTW, this tree has spread like crazy with many small branches growing from the trunk almost at the ground. Can I cut these off and root them? I really don't know much at all about growing figs.

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whgille(FL 9b)

Slopfrog - Fig rust is something we all have to deal with it with the Florida rains, it looks good for a while and then comes the rust. As long as I have figs to harvest is okay by me, I don't spray copper because to me is only cosmetic damage, it does not affect the flavor or the quantity of the fruit harvest.

Cora - Rooting figs is easy, I usually take a cutting about 6 inches and root them in any soil less medium, when it start to grow is a sign that the roots are growing.

Fig harvest is very good this year and I am making a lot of fig preserves, using them in recipes fresh and I will also be drying them.


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All the experts say ignore the rust as long as your tree is otherwise healthy, because by the time you get it under control, it will be time for it to lose its leaves anyway.

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