floppy Lord Baltimore hibiscus

terri_zone5(Z5 NE)August 13, 2005

My Lord Baltimore Hibiscus plants are blooming beautifully, but they're very "floppy". They're about 4 years old, so I think they're sited o/k. My question is: has anyone tried to prune Lord Baltimore's in the spring to encourage more stalks? I'm not talking about cutting them back for spring clean up, but rather more of a "pinching" technique. I'm hesitate to try this, but was wondering if anyone else had & what the outcome was.

Would appreciate any feedback.


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I planted two Luna's last year. This spring when they where about 1 foot high I started pinching them. They are now blooming profusely and not flopping. I find that certain plants will flop if they are reaching for the sun.

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Most of the tall Hibiscus moscheutos could be cut in a half when they reach 2'. Then you have more sturdy and bushy plant. It will bloom about 1 week later than usual.

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