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abigailvehAugust 16, 2013

I recently bought a new house and with it came this HUGE hibiscus. The old owners were retired and stopped taking care of things in the yard many years ago and this towering tree is one of the things that happened after the lack of maintenance. I'd like to trim it back because it's taking over that side of the yard and even has started growing over the grass. The stalks are larger than my arm in some places and frankly I've never seen a hibiscus this large in my area so I am afraid to kill it.

Any ideas??

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I doubt you can kill a hibiscus...they are quite hardy. I actually know someone who cut one down to enlarge their drive. A few years went by and the area where the Rose of Sharon once was...cracked and up grew a new one.

As for pruning...not sure you prune them while they are in bloom...but don't see you killing this if you tried.

Share a picture once you have the job done. But...wait and see from someone if you can prune it while its in bloom. I'm not sure if you can or can't.

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abigailveh Looks like a very nice plant. If you prune it back now all you will get is a smaller bush but I do not believe your will get anymore blooms. I cannot tell by how you have the blooms but my guess is a Red Texas Star Hibiscus. If so it will most likely die all the way to the ground this fall. Next spring you could prune to contain it more. It should put on some nice seed pods you will be able to share unless you want to plant more of this plant.

If you could post your zone it would be easier to get help with your questions.

Thank you

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