My first blooms of the summer!

ippymiss(6)August 7, 2008

Today my Hibiscus bloomed!

Looks fantastic and beautiful, I know tomorrow I will have tons of blooms.

It is about 6ft tall and 6ft wide!



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How gorgeous!
I didn't know the hardy's got that big!
Worth the wait, wasn't it?

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kmonceaux(z9 SE Texas)

That is beautiful!! What is the name of this hibiscus?


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I really do not know the name. My mom gave to me 2 years ago, and she didnt even know the name, it is now 3 years old. She always called it Dinner

I wish I knew someone that could look at it and tell me. We measured the blooms they are 14 inches across. I also had my hubby measure the bush. It is 7ft tall and wide. I was just off by a foot. I should have had him stand by it, he is 6'1.

Thanks all!

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It is starting to grow again!. wow cant wait . Now I need to get some starts. Does anyone know If I can cut this plant in half and replant??

I do have a few starts I pulled a few weeks ago thriving in the ground.

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It is absolutely beautiful. You said you had some starts. Would you be interested in a trade? I'd love to give it a try. Thanks

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I would not know how to even ship the starts. It is now about 8 inches to a foot tall. When it just starts to sprout shoots off the old wood in the spring, I carefully take a dry shoot with the new start and just plant in the ground. I have about 6 new ones in the ground now. I am so afraid to actually cut this plant in half , but my mom said it will not hurt it acutally it would love it. Im trying to figure out how to post the new picts on here .

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