HELP, Rosa Sinensis vs Exotic Hibiscus

marilu_z10CA(z10 S. CA)August 8, 2005

I bought some plants (Rosa Sinensis) from an on-line vendor called Hidden Valley Hibiscus and now I'm worried that they may not be what I expected. Is there a difference between the rosa sinensis sold at Lowes, Home Depot and those sold on-line at Exotic Hibiscus or Hidden Valley Hibiscus? I have another two plants that I bought form Lowes that are very easy to grow. They hardly require any attention and they look great. The instructions that came with my new plants and the information on their web site make it seem like they are much more delicate than the ones I have from Lowes.

The only reason I bought the on-line ones is that they have more variety in the colors. Should I treat these new plants differently that the ones I've bought at Lowe's? I'm especially worried about protecting them from the winter. My older two plant had no problems with our winter temperatures (I'm in So California and it only gets below 35 degrees or so a few days in the winter, if at all). The instructions I received, however, mention that I should protect them from anything under 50 degrees. Could this be the vendor's way of protecting themselves form customers claiming refunds or should I really be worried about them dying whenever temperatures go below 50 degrees?

I just want to keep them alive through the winter, it's okay for them not to flower.

Thank you very much.


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bruggirl100(z9 FL)

Rosa sinensis is simply tropical hibiscus. There are different hybrids of rosa sinenses. Exotic Hibiscus sells only hybrids that have very big unusual flowers. The newer hybrids are not as strong as the old standby red, pink, and yellow types. Mostly, the ones sold at the big box stores are the hardier varieties, because they have to be with the abuse they take. Occasionally, they will have the hybrids for sale at a premium price, but I wouldn't buy one there.

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