Blue Satin Rose of Sharon

nursejaneAugust 15, 2007

I planted two 3-gal. size blue satin rose of sharon. They are both full of buds which refuse to open. They just turn brown and drop. The nursery which sold them had no ideas. There's no evidence of disease or insects. The other varieties are blooming. We are stymied. And I've been aching to see those big blue blooms. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Did you buy them and plant them recently?
WIthin the last 2-3 weeks?
Rose of Sharon can slightly protest when being transplanted or moved. Mabey they were rootbound.
When you planted them and removed them from the pot, did they have alot of roots? a whole lot?
Did you plant them in full sun? They won't bloom as well if they aren't in full sun.
There are sooo many variables, whatever you do, if you planted them recently, don't feed them.
Just water them deeply.
They will be alright, they are resilient.
You can still get blooms yet.
Weird the nursery didn't try to help you. If you bought them at Home Depot or Lowes, they could have bugs, spray them down real good with a hose every day to make sure the foliage is nice and clean.
Good Luck.
You made a fine choice with Blue satin, they are gorgeous!

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Thanks for responding-butterfly4u. I bought them at Waterloo gardens. They're very reputable- they weren't unwilling to help-just had no ideas. They get about 5 hours of direct sun and the buds were already set. They just refuse to open. There were lots of roots but no evidence of being pot-bound. All the ROS at the nursery in pots were blooming- except for the blue satins, which looked ready to burst but just won't. Guess we'll just wait and see.

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I normally don't have a problem with Waterloo. Occasionally you get some stock from them that is in a soil with to little or to much of a certain fert. It may simply take some time to acclimate to your soil and a few good rains to solve the problem. This is gonna be a good week for the rains.

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Did they bloom yet?
Mine is blooming up a storm after the rains!
Just checking back.

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They never did bloom last year, but this year is a whole different story. They're already blooming and looking great! Guess they just had to acclimate. Thanks everyone.

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Happy you updated us on your Blue satins!
My Blues are blooming too!
Gorgeous aren't they?
I guess they were just a little mad.
They are glad this year!
Good Luck!

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