Winterizing young seedlings I braided

cadillactasteAugust 19, 2013

I decided to braid a few seedlings that popped up near my Blue I believe I will later plant this in my yard...or give to my step mom to do so...when its more established.

In the meantime...I recall a friend growing a maple...she left the pot outdoors come winter to make it able to handle harsh winters later to come when she did plant it in the yard. Is this the same way with a hibiscus? If so...I am thinking I put it in the wrong style of pot.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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May I know what you mean when you braid those seedlings? Do you mean you intertwined their young trunks together?

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My apologies. I just saw it when I scaled it up. Why would you want to do that? Think it would only suffocate one another out. Hibiscus grow very fast. And a small pot would very quickly run out of space for so many plants. It would also mean less water for each plant.

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Nurseries do it all the time...even watched it on youtube. I have a braided tropical that I've had for many years...that I love. This gave me the idea. Watched Youtube videos to make sure I did it right.

Though...the root system is quite small compared to the size of pot it is in.(Photo is deceiving it is much larger than it appears) I do plan on planting it in the ground and staking it. To help it winter well and to mature and grow. Do not wish to crack my pot come winter...

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