Hibiscus question - blooms last 24 hrs?

theseventhlegendAugust 15, 2007

I'm a newbie at Hibiscus plants so please bare with my ignorance. Do the blooms only last 24 hours? My plant flowers and the blooms fall off in less than a day. Is this normal?

While on the subject, does Hibiscus like full sun, part shade, a lot of water, or what? I bought it on clearance as a twig with very little leaves and brought it back to life. It has grown great and want to keep it thriving.

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I am going to assume that you have a tropical hibiscus.(the leaves are real dark green and shiny)
The blooms last a day.
They love sun, but if you are in FLA, they would probably do better with a little afternoon shade in the hottest part of the day. Mabey not, depends on your plant.
Mine loves full sun all day long, but I am in zone 6.
Water it when the dirt is dry when you put your finger in the pot, or next to it if it is planted in the ground.
By the way, it likes showers, so everyonce in awhile, spray it down either with the hose or a spray bottle and spray the leaves real good. (this is seperate from watering)
You may have to bring it in in the winter if it is a tropical, I think the coldest it can take is zone 9.

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*Added Pics

Yes the leaves are dark green and shiny. Has mostly full sun till about 4-5 pm. It's grown alot and doing very well since I bought it (saved it). The Wal-mart tag reads "Assorted Hibiscus" and Cold Hardy to 20 F. degrees. It's about 3ft tall now. I used Miracle Grow fertilizer aout 1 month ago. Sorry I didn't have any blooms to take a pic of, I can see some buds so maybe tomorrow. The blooms have a red center yellow outer flower.

Why do the blooms only last a day?

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Your hibiscus looks great!
You are doing great with it!
DOn't let it get cold though, if you have the room, bring it indoors for the winter.
As you can see, it also loves Miracle grow.
The blooms only last a day, but it will bloom alot.
You will see, they can constantly bloom and can get quite large also.
Unfortnately my red one is too big to bring in this winter. I love it too.
It will die outside in the cold. It is at least 5-6 feet tall now. I am afraid if I hack it down, it may not survive inside.
I didn't know it would grow so tall and get humongeous!
Good Luck! You are doing great with your plant.

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I think you can prune back your red hibiscus by 50%, and then bring it in for the winter.

We had a beautiful speciman that we kept for 4 years. It got so large after a couple of years that we couldn't even get it through the doors! So I figured, "what have I got to lose?" and really took the pruning shears to it. Inside it came, and outside it went in the late spring. It grew back thicker than ever!

Unfortunately, this past winter I just procrastinated with hauling in the outdoor plants - the weather stayed warm so unseasonably long that I thought we might get away with not having to bring them in at all... and we lost the hibiscus. :-/

But bottom line - try a hard prune and bring it on in! It beats leaving it out all winter, and what other alternative do you have? Worth a try. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your advise!
I am going to prune it like you did and see if it lives.
Like you say, I have nothing to loose.
I hope it survies the winter. I absolutely love this plant.
Can you imagine how big it could get next year it is survies?
That would be awesome!
OK. Now I feel better.
My husband is going to kill me when I tell him he has to carry it upstairs. LOL, oh well.....

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Thanks for the advice. I had a few leaves yellow and I'm not sure why but nothing drastic. I sometimes get 3 or 4 blooms a day but usually 1-2. It's doing well and I hope it survives outside in my zone.

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